May 18, 2021

Coronavirus in the Canary Islands: Canary Islands starts field hospitals to carry out coronavirus tests – La Provincia

Start field hospitals to carry out coronavirus tests Y suspend all surgical operations in island hospitals are two of the measures adopted by the Health Emergency Management Committee of the Canary Government.

This committee, whose creation was approved this Thursday at the session of the Governing Council, was constituted this Friday and held its first meeting. It has adopted eight implementation measures in relation to the health crisis caused by the coronavirus in the Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands.

Presided over by the head of the Autonomous Executive, Angel Victor TorresThis Committee is also made up of the Vice President of the Canary Islands Government and Minister of Finance, Román Rodríguez, and by the directors of Health and Public Works, Transport and Housing, Teresa Cruz Y Sebastián Franquis, to which the Minister of Public Administrations, Justice and Security joins, Julio Pérez. Along with them, as advisers, are the deputy counselors of the Presidency, Antonio Olivera, and of Communication, Ricardo Pérez.

In this morning’s session, new measures for the management of the health crisis were approved by COVID-19 and other decisions were also adopted, including:

-That surgical operations in the Canary Islands hospitals continue to be carried out only in cases of maximum severity and only in those where they are unavailable due to their severity. Rest, all planned or scheduled operations must be suspended.

-Than hospital beds currently used by the chronically ill they should not be used by them as long as they can be relocated to other spaces and that, before this movement occurs, it is guaranteed, by carrying out the test, that they are negative to the virus being contagious.

-That all the necessary mechanisms are activated so that the private clinics in the Canary Islands provide all the beds available for the care of health problems derived from COVID-19. This afternoon there will be a meeting to coordinate these supports.

-You remember to put field hospitals for rapid tests available to the islands that require it, as one already works in the municipality of La Laguna (Tenerife).

-The Committee was informed of the new arrival of kits for conducting the coronavirus tests.

-The Committee repeats the request for more sanitary material and conveys the need for these resources to reach the Islands as soon as possible. The maximum supply of sanitary material for emergency care is demanded.

-I know It has also activated the distribution of masks in different health centers on the Islands.

-The Committee also approved today the incorporation into this body, under the condition of technical support, of the director of the Canary Health Service, Blanca Pérez; of the technical general secretary of the Ministry of Public Works, Transport and Housing, Conrado Domínguez, and of director General of Patrimony and Contracting, José Julián Istúriz.

The Canary Islands Government Health Emergency Management Committee will maintain its activity permanently for the duration of this health crisis due to the COVID-19 coronavirus.


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