June 24, 2021

Coronavirus in the Canary Islands: Canary Islands registers 24 new cases of coronavirus – La Provincia

The Canary Islands have registered 24 new cases of coronavirus, two deaths and 15 discharges during the last day, according to the website of the Regional Government Health Department until 8:00 p.m. compared to the same data from the previous day.

With these new figures, the number of accumulated cases of coronavirus in the archipelago has stood at 1,858 – compared to 1,834 the previous day -, the number of deaths at 94 – compared to 92 yesterday – and that of hospital discharges in 387 – before the 372 that were this Wednesday.

Of the total positives on the islands for the virus, which already affects some 53 municipalities, 991 are women, 856 are men and the remaining 11 cases are unspecified.

According to the epidemiological data available on the islands, there are 1,261 people under follow-up and 116 are pending definitive confirmation.

By islands, the most affected by covid-19 is Tenerife, which has 1,226 reported cases. It is followed by Gran Canaria, with 466; La Palma, with 70; Lanzarote, with 64; Fuerteventura, with 24; La Gomera, with 7, and El Hierro, with one.

As for the deceased, there are 57 men and 37 women, and the most affected age bracket is 80-89 years with 45 victims, followed by the 70-79 age bracket, with 30 deaths.

By islands, Tenerife registers 62 deaths, followed by Gran Canaria (27), La Palma (3) and Lanzarote (2). The rest of the islands do not count any deceased.


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