Coronavirus in the Canary Islands: Canary Islands launches a campaign to raise awareness of responsible water use – La Provincia

The Ministry of Ecological Transition, Fight Against Climate Change and Territorial Planning of the Canary Government has launched the campaign ‘Water is life. Take care of it ‘, in order to sensitize the population about the importance of making responsible use of water.

As reported by the regional Executive, the initiative affects the role of water for life on the planet and includes the preparation and dissemination of various audiovisual content of an informative nature, which will be disseminated through the media and networks social.

With respect, the area counselor, José Antonio Valbuena, stressed that the objective is to inform and raise awareness among the population about the need to adopt small gestures in the daily routine that can contribute significant water savings “and that affect many of the activities we do every day, such as showering, scrubbing crockery, washing clothes or brushing our teeth or shaving. “

He also stressed the importance of taking these tips into account during this period, in which the state of alarm decreed by the State to combat COVID 19 “inevitably leads to greater domestic consumption of water for reasons of hygiene, precaution and health” .

For his part, the director General of Waters of the regional Executive, Víctor Navarro, recalls that this campaign, which coincides with the recent celebration of World Water Day, “has a special relevance due to the delicate water situation that we are currently experiencing in the Canary Islands, with low rainfall and a notable decrease of the flow of the aquifers, despite the rains of the last days. “

In this sense, he has asked the Canarian citizens “prudence in consumption habits”, although he has clarified that the water supply for the population is guaranteed on all islands during the state of alarm, “thanks to the work of analysis and surveillance being carried out by the Government of the Canary Islands and the island water councils of the islands “.


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