May 15, 2021

Coronavirus in the Canary Islands: Canary Islands hospitals participate in the creation of a database on Covid-19 – La Provincia

The Insular-Maternal and Child University Hospital Complex, the University Hospitals Nuestra Señora de Candelaria and Dr. Negrín, the Hospital Doctor José Molina Orosa, the General Hospital of La Palma and the Hospital Nuestra Señora de los Reyes participate in a national study to create a large database that tries to Deepen and improve treatments against Covid-19 coronavirus.

Aiming to identify risk factors for developing severe pneumonia in patients infected with Covid-19 and improve knowledge about new effective therapies in this disease, these Canarian hospital centers have joined the Semi-Covid-19 Registry study, promoted by the Spanish Society of Internal Medicine. This is a study in patients admitted to the Internal Medicine services for this disease.

With this registry, in which many other hospitals in the country participate, it is intended to create a large database of clinical records of patients with Covid-19 that includes, among others, the main symptoms, personal history, and treatments that are apply and your response to them and the evolution from admission to discharge.

The result of the registration will allow analyze individual patient profiles and develop personalized therapies to reduce the severity of Covid-19 infection. The study population includes all patients admitted for coronavirus who have given their informed consent.

Given the international public health emergency caused by the pandemic caused by Covid-19, it is essential to improve knowledge about new effective therapies for this disease. And the analysis of the clinical response to the different treatments applied, collected in a large database, can be a critical starting point to identify possible new therapeutic schemes that are subsequently tested.

In Spain, following the report of the National Center for Epidemiology (CNE), the majority of patients hospitalized for coronavirus are cared for by Internal Medicine units, which makes the information gathering from said services.


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