Sun. Mar 29th, 2020

Coronavirus in the Canary Islands: Canarian athletes applaud the postponement of the Olympic event – La Provincia

The Gran Canaria sportsmen involved with Tokyo games dstake that in the end sanity has prevailed to justify the postponement of the Olympic event. They agree in pointing out that their respective preparations and the vast majority of the participants are being affected as a result of the coronavirus.

The basketball player Leonor Rodríguez, with a hand-won ticket for Tokyo with the Spanish team, he applauds the measure taken: “Health comes first; now it’s time to take care of yourself and follow the instructions of the experts. We all wanted to participate in these Games after having qualified and being in good shape. dynamic. You never know what will happen a year from now, but it is what you play. On the one hand it is sad, because you wanted to play. But everything will come and I think that all athletes understand it because of the situation we are in ” .

The tennis player Carla Suarez tHe also gives his opinion on what is happening. “It is the fairest thing, because the athletes were going to be the disadvantaged. Doing it a year later will be hard, but there will also be those who benefit from that situation depending on the sport they practice. The fairest thing is that they are not celebrated, and more knowing that not all modalities had contested their Olympic qualifications. And we must never forget that health is the most important thing, “he points out.

The experienced sailor Joaquín Blanco, within the Laser class, chose to participate again in new Games. “Right now, as the situation is, it seems the most sensible thing to postpone them. Some countries more others less, but we are all being affected by Covid-19; at the moment there are other priorities,” he points out.

“With the restrictions we cannot meet our ideal preparation either; in my case I train at home to maintain the physical tone, but the specific part on the boat is impossible. As I will be the vast majority, which would end up distorting the competition and the values Olympism. There is a long time to go and I hope that the situation has improved a lot by then, but there are still qualifiers to be made for the Games and it would be all too hasty, so it is wise to postpone and hope for better times, “added Blanco.

The sailor Tara Pacheco, who was preparing for the Olympic event in the Nacra 17 class, is not frustrated by this postponement: “The Games have to take a back seat. There are more important things that we have to focus on, such as trying to return to normality. It is truly a new situation for everyone and you have to be patient and try to get the most out of this moment, trying to be creative with other things. It is obvious that we are not sailing and we are trying to do the best physical training possible. 2021, it will be one more year of preparation that can come in handy enough. This motivates me a lot, because we are a new team and now we will have time to plan everything that we have not been able to do before. “

The captain of the Spanish women’s handball team, Silvia Navarro, goalkeeper of Rocasa, assures that not all the athletes were in the same conditions to prepare for the Olympic Games in Tokyo this summer. “I think it is the most accurate decision that could be made, because not all athletes were on equal terms to prepare for the competition due to the coronavirus,” said the Valencian goalkeeper based in Gran Canaria.


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