October 29, 2020

Coronavirus in the Canary Islands: ‘Back’ after the coronavirus, in Out of Plan – La Provincia

When is the gradual unconfinement to be planned after the state of alarm by thecoronavirus,Out of planethis Thursday addresses the changes that await us in thesocial relationships, in theeconomic activityand in the field ofpublic health.

The program will broadcast the report‘Return’in which it is shown how we are going to rejoin daily life differently. From face masks, which will now be a new habitual object, to distances at work and new security measures that will have to be applied by shops, restaurants and entertainment venues.

Through specialists and direct connections with experts, we will know theevolution of the health crisisin the Canary Islands, the relief of lack of confinement for minors, the plans being finalized for the rest of the population and scientific advances to achieve effective medical treatments for the disease.

In the economic sphere,Out of plane analyzes the reconstruction that the Canary Islands will needafter overcoming the pandemic. The private sector will have to reinvent itself while governments take a greater role in plans and huge public resources to face the crisis.

In addition, the program addresses the ethical repercussions that the post-coronavirus era will have on issues such as individualism, setting new priorities such as health as well as the strengthened power of technology, through cyber-control and privacy waivers.


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