Coronavirus in the Canary Islands: ANPE Canarias sees "unpresentable" that Education fails to negotiate the planning of the end of the course - La Provincia

ANPE Canarias has branded as "unpresentable" that the Ministry of Education and Universities of Canary Government have "ignored" unions and not allowed them to do Not a single contribution to plan the end of this course and the beginning of the next.

In a statement, the union organization has denounced that the regional department promised on Thursday to send the unions a draft of the instructions so that they could study it over the weekend and make suggestions for the text at the next technical table.

However, ANPE has indicated that this Friday, and without prior notice, Education decided to skip the negotiation and publish them.

Likewise, he commented that the Canary Islands resolution is in line with the order published by the Ministry of Education and FP and also establishes the instructions for the end of the current course and the beginning of the next one in Early Childhood Education, Primary Education, Compulsory Secondary Education and Baccalaureate, in all the educational centers of the Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands (you can access it at this link).

"It seems to us a huge lack of respect for teachers, who is making a tremendous effort to serve his students in very complicated circumstances and we believe that at any time, but more in which we are living, it is the duty of political leaders to listen to the voice of teachers, "said the president of ANPE Canarias, Pedro Crespo.

Likewise, he has emphasized that "we have a lot to say about how to manage this situation, but the Ministry has decided to ignore us. We are asked for support and commitment and this is the response we received: a direct attack on the teachers of the public school" .

For his part, the text determines that the promotion of the course will be generalized in the students and eliminates the limit of subjects or areas not exceeded set for each stage educational, with exceptions very justified by the educational team.

This measure, also included in the ministerial text, "goes against the LOMCE, which is an organic law and, therefore, can only be modified with the absolute majority of Congress." "The legal insecurity that is created now is unacceptable," said Crespo.

Finally, ANPE Canarias has considered that these instructions can generate several "very unfortunate" consequences for public education.

First, it has observed that by ignoring the limits set for the promotion of the course by current regulations, the decision to repeat or not will rest solely on the backs of each educational team, without restrictions or limits of any kind, so in one center may be required to repeat with three pending subjects, while another will pass the course with six or even more.

In addition, he pointed out that when these instructions are published today, teachers wonder how they can maintain the attention and effort of their students during this improvised online teaching that, with so much personal sacrifice, tries to teach them every day.


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