April 20, 2021

Coronavirus in the Canary Islands: An internist doctor affirms that the key to treating the coronavirus is “controlling the macrophage” – La Provincia

A internist from Granada He has sent a video explaining why Spaniards and Italians are the Europeans most affected by the coronavirus. It indicates that this is a reality, as can be seen from the figures of those affected that Italy and Spain are the countries with the greater number of infected patients for him coronavirus. More than other places like Russia or Germany where the incidence of the disease is lower.

This doctor points out that covid 19 is a “shit virus” and that is why “in China it only affected older people, but Spanish and Italians are stronger than the Chinese against this type of virus,” he says. The doctor indicates that “as a teacher of mine said, we are our genes. Genetically the same as the Italians and completely different from the Chinese, Germans or Russians”.

Covid 19 causes certain symptoms in infected people. And it manifests as colds, or other stronger effects. However, in “a specific group two diseases are combined that provoke in the patient an inflammatory response of the host. And this is what kills those who suffer from it, continues the internist. For this type of person and depending on the Previous pathologies you have are treated with anti-inflammatories.

The problem in many cases is the combination of symptoms that it produces in some people. What the internist calls “macrophage” that is activated in certain patients who are genetically predisposed. And, in general, the Spanish and Italians have this genetic predisposition. “And the younger the worse,” says the doctor from Granada.

The virus activates the macrophage in these patients and causes what is called a “cytokine storm and makes the patients worse. We have been fighting this since the problem was detected and are taking high-dose corticosteroids.” He adds “what should be done, always in patients with macrophage activation, not in all those who have coronavirus, only those who show this activation are given corticosteroids.”

The key to detecting this “macrophage activation” is to control ferritin. “The higher the worse and if it goes up, the patient is going to get worse,” insists this internist.

Also, another important thing, “the phospholipid syndrome, if detected in these patients with coronavirus is to consider using low molecular weight heparin to treat them.”

He ends his intervention by pointing out that what must be controlled is “the bastard” of the macrophage.


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