Coronavirus in the Canary Islands: A sailor from a fishing vessel retained in Tenerife tests positive for Covid-19 – La Provincia

A member of the crew of the fishing vessel ‘Nuevo San Luis’, immobilized by the Maritime Captaincy, has given positive after testing the Covid-19 (PCR and serology), although with a very low viral load. The other crew, 17 sailors, have given negative.

The Port Authority of Santa Cruz of Tenerife last Friday he received a berthing request at the Los Cristianos port for the aforementioned ship for alleged irregularities in its documentation and that of its crew, who had previously disembarked, being retained by the State Security forces and bodies, considering that they could be immigrants.

The ship, after supplying fuel in the port of Los Cristianos, moved to the port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, specifically to the Dársena Pesquera, and its crew, after checking this, were also taken to the Spanish flag ship that She is held in the Santa Cruz facility by order of the Captaincy of the Sea.

The latter entity has already received confirmation from the General Directorate of the Merchant Navy, via Bureau Veritas, that the ship’s documentation is in order, although it remains awaiting the final confirmation from the shipowner to authorize the departure of the ‘ New San Luis’.

Specifically, the eighteen crew members, all of whom are sailors, have a valid contract and have undergone Covid-19 tests (PCR and serology). As reported by the health authority, one of them has tested positive for PCR with very low viral load.

All the crew members remain asymptomatic and aboard the vessel, under the control of a security service assumed by the Port Authority, to guarantee that they remain on board the vessel to which the shipowner himself guarantees food and water supply services.

The ‘Nuevo San Luis’ is 27 meters long and 6.30 wide. Sail under the Spanish flag.


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