June 24, 2021

Coronavirus in the Canary Islands: A professor from the ULPGC publishes an article in ‘The Conversation’ on how the coronavirus changes the greeting – La Provincia

The teacher of the ULPGC, Gonzalo Díaz Meneses, from the Marketing and Consumer Behavior area, publishes an article for scientific dissemination on the platform ‘The Conversation’, entitled ‘The coronavirus will change until greeting ‘.

In this article, Díaz Meneses, analyzes what the greeting looks like from various disciplines such as ethology, linguistics and anthropology to psychology, sociology and marketing, without forgetting philosophy, medicine, political science and history.

“Now, with the crisis of coronavirus, from the health disciplines it is recommended to limit greetings with physical contact, they tell us that we must maintain social distance and accompany ourselves with hygiene measures. It is not easy, overnight, to change the way of greeting, although it is of vital importance. To achieve this, social marketing has promotional techniques that can be very effective, as they have demonstrated this on the occasion of other types of social causes, “says the professor.

Ultimately, greeting or not greeting is neither good nor bad. Failure to do so does not make one an angel or a demonized devil. The only scientific evidence shown is that greeting is a formula whose content appears at the beginning of the encounter of two subjects, whose properties are natural and expressive “, explains the professor.

The conclusion of this article indicates that “In Spain, people greet each other a lot and this is possibly a vehicle of affection and attachment. Not surprisingly, the greeting is one of the factors that explain why there is a sociable and happy culture in this country. Despite the anxiety of this time, the virus is not going to change this. “

The Conversation Spain is the main channel for the dissemination of knowledge emanating from universities. The ULPGC It joined this platform in February 2020, as it has been sponsored by the CRUE-Spanish Universities. Until now, researchers at the ULPGC They have published 10 articles in this channel.

The Conversation has editions in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Indonesia and Africa, in addition to the Spanish edition, which was launched in the summer of 2018 and in just over a year has achieved more than 20 million readings. thanks to the republication of the articles in 170 media.

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