July 2, 2020

Coronavirus in the Canary Islands: A positive for coronavirus detected in the Sabinal – La Provincia

A worker from the Sabinal senior center has tested positive in coronavirus, so that the isolation protocol has already been applied, in this case at home because the symptoms are mild, and surveillance of the people with whom he worked and who he cared for, such as Cabildo performed in Pine last week, where there have been no more people with symptoms of having the virus.

The Gran Canaria Council From before the state of alarm applied the precaution of prohibiting visits. Likewise, the work inside the centers is sectoralized, that is, the inmates were distributed in groups of twenty people and are always attended by the same staff so that, in the event of a positive, the contagion is not massive, explained the Minister of Social Policy, Isabel Mena.

The worker was subjected to the test because presented fever and cough, and when positive with these mild symptoms, by medical indication the isolation will be carried out at home.

All people in their sector, residents and staff, are under surveillance for temperature and other symptoms, although for the moment, no other has presented an indicator of having been infected.


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