Coronavirus in the Canary Islands: A judge orders a third-aid company for the elderly to protect workers - La Provincia

The judicial authority has imperatively required for the third time the company subcontracted by the City Council of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria to help elderly and dependent people at home so that they immediately supply their workers with EPIS and, fundamentally, masks.

As reported by the Canary Islands Superior Court of Justice (TSJC), before the allegation of Clece that it is an obligation of "impossible fulfillment", the magistrate on duty on duty in the social jurisdiction in Las Palmas recalled that the same day the company made this allegation, one could read in the media how the manager of a supermarket chain in the islands announced that he had bought 240,000 masks and that on March 30 he had distributed them among his employees.

In this sense, it is about the third time Clece is required in the capital to supply the equipment required by law to ensure the health of its workers.

Thus, on March 19, the judge accepted the request for precautionary measures raised by FESP-UGT to compel the firm to supply equipment; on March 23, he warned him that he would be fined 1,000 euros for each day that he did not comply with the order, and now, in a car dated March 30, he refuses to suspend the order that requires such supply.


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