Coronavirus in the Canary Islands: A canary, sentenced to three years in prison for sexual assault - La Provincia

Despite the restrictions stemming from the coronavirus quarantine, Canarian judicial bodies keeps up to date the processes in which they are involved persons deprived of liberty that they could suffer irreparable damage if their cases are delayed.

Likewise, the guard courts (of ordinary cases and of Violence against Women throughout the Archipelago) in those cases where people are detained.

The Criminal Chamber of the Superior Court of Justice of the Canary Islands held this Thursday, thanks to the collaboration of the lawyer of the Justice Administration (LAJ) and the Canary Islands' superior prosecutor, the appeal hearing by telematic way to review, at the request of the defense, the case of Alfonso P.A., a neighbor of Puerto del Rosario sentenced in November 2019 to 10 years in prison as the author of a crime of homicide, when the jury found him guilty of killing his nephew with two stab wounds on May 11, 2018. The Prosecutor's Office interested the dismissal of the appeal and the confirmation of the instance failure. The case was seen for sentencing.

Condemnation in Tenerife

On the other hand, the Second Section of the Provincial Court of Santa Cruz de Tenerife held last Monday the compliance hearing that closed the case against Tenerife's Jovino G.G. as a confessed author of a crime of attempted sexual assault.

The judgment The firm imposes three years in prison and five years of probation with a prohibition on approaching the victim. In addition, the convicted person must indemnify her with 4,000 euros and undergo a sexual re-education program.


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