June 24, 2021

Coronavirus in the Canary Islands: A Briton collects signatures for the Canary Islands to be released from quarantine – La Provincia

The UK decision of impose quarantine for Spain, including the Balearic and Canary Islands, It has been a real blow for the entire tourist value chain, also for travelers. Precisely, the English citizen Lee Sparrow, a native of Orpington, has launched a petition for signatures at change.org requesting that the two archipelagos be released from the isolation measure, which has reached more than 70,000 signatures – as of the time of this publication.

“Vacationers returning from the islands have expressed that they feel safer during their stay on the islands than at home in the UK. They have also stated how everyone complies with the rules of social distancing and wearing masks. Therefore, we ask that the 14-day quarantine restriction for the Balearic and Canary Islands be lifted to support the local economy and people who have worked hard to have everything in place for the reopening of the islands, “the petition continues. .

Next, Sparrow highlighted the situation of many families who have booked their holidays, after months of savings, and that they will now be forced to cancel due to the imposition of the quarantine, which implies the loss of around 300 pounds of deposit. The alternative to canceling the trip, according to the author of the petition, is to apply for 14 days of unpaid leave from work, in order to be able to fulfill the isolation, which means the loss of about 700 pounds. “It is unfair to limit tourists to safe islands when they have worked hard to save and need to relax after a horrible and unpretentious 2020,” Sparrow emphasized.

The United Kingdom asks not to travel to Spain

The petition It comes after the UK Foreign Department advises against “all non-essential travel to Spain, including the Balearic and Canary Islands, according to the current Covid-19 risk assessment in the country.”

“The advice is based on evidence of increases in Covid-19 cases in several regions, but particularly in Aragon, Navarra and Catalonia. The Ministry does not recommend that those who are already traveling in Spain leave at this time. Travelers should follow the advice of local authorities on the best way to protect themselves and others, including measures they take to control the virus, “the statement added.

“If you return from Spain, you will be asked to isolate yourself upon your return to UK, but the Ministry does not recommend that you shorten your visit. You should contact your tour operator or airline if you have any questions about your return trip, “he concludes.


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