Coronavirus in the Canary Islands: 50,000 direct diagnostic tests arrive in the Canary Islands from China - La Provincia

The plane arrived this Saturday morning with 18,000 kilos of merchandise purchased directly by the regional government which will be distributed to all the centers of the Archipelago

The fifth aircraft chartered by the regional executive includes 150,000 FPP2 masks, 10,000 gowns, 20,000 protection screens, 50,000 diagnostic test and 150,000 surgical masks

The Ministry of Health of the Canary Islands Government has received in the early hours of today 18,000 kilos of sanitary material who arrived at the Gran Canaria airport on a plane from Shanghai; This is the first direct commercial flight to be made between China and the Canary Islands with the particularity that its cargo, this time, consists of the equipment and material necessary to cope with the spread of the Covid-19. It is the fifth shipment purchased directly by the regional Executive.

100,000 swabs for testing

The plane arrived today was carrying 100,000 swabs for diagnostic tests and 36,000 personal protective equipment of three types, for health personnel; as well as 10,000 gowns, 20,000 protection screens, 150,000 FPP2 masks, 50,000 diagnostic tests and 150,000 surgical masks; Basic and daily-use material in all healthcare centers, both sanitary and socio-sanitary on the islands.

With this material more the one received yesterday morning, also of direct acquisition by the Canarian Government, the necessary equipment supplies are guaranteed for the coming weeks. So far, the regional executive has made an investment of 16 million euros for the different batches of material which will arrive every week and which is complemented by those sent by the Ministry of Health.

In total, the material received today is in addition to 2,626,000 surgical masks, 58,200 diagnostic kits, 7,500 protective screens, 4,000 protective glasses, 505,000 nitrile gloves, 81,620 FFP2 masks, 26,200 plastic surgical gowns, and 1,700 overalls. integral. In addition to 28 respirators for patients affected by COVID-19 and 1,750 swabs for the collection of samples for the performance of diagnostic PCRs that have been arriving in successive shipments during the last weeks.


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