Coronavirus in the Canary Islands: 150 health workers from the Islands test positive for coronavirus, 55 ms than three days ago - La Provincia

The battle against coronavirus it flares up in the Canary Islands. The Archipelago health personnel It continues to spread due to the lack of adequate protective equipment. In the last three days 55 health professionals have tested positive, so there are currently 150 members of the medical and nursing staff -103 women and 47 men- affected by this pathogen. The Archipelago thus maintains one of the highest rates of contagion among toilets in the entire State, with 19.1% of the total number of people affected in the Islands. The protection of this group is essential in the fight against Covid-19 expansion.

The Canary Islands accumulated 784 cases since the first positive in Spain was detected on La Gomera on January 29. This represents an increase of 127 cases compared to the previous day -the worst data recorded in the Canary Islands-, which places the growth rate at 16.2%. The percentage of population affected by Covid-19 in the Archipelago is 0.036%. Thus, 30.5 canaries out of 100,000 are affected by this pathogen.

In the latest figures detailed by the Ministry of Health, which correspond to Tuesday's data, 657 cases accumulated in the Archipelago were computed. Of these, 235 have required hospitalization and 43 of them remain in the intensive care units of the Canarian hospitals. In addition, there are 15 people who have managed to overcome the disease. This provides a hopeful fact, since, compared to Monday, there are seven more people who have been discharged.

On the other side of the scale are the 24 deceased with coronaviruses that have been registered in the Islands. At least 20 were elderly and had previous pathologies. The fatality rate of Covid-19 among those infected in the Canary Islands is 3.06%.

The presence of the coronavirus is very disparate between islands. Tenerife has 409 cases; Gran Canaria with 171; La Palma with 33; Fuerteventura with 20; Lanzarote with 17; La Gomera with four and El Hierro with three. The only island that resists the spread of the virus is La Graciosa. However, an advanced life support ambulance and a technical support vehicle with the corresponding materials have been transferred to there to attend to possible health emergencies that may arise during this health crisis.

One of the most important sources of infection in the Islands, as confirmed by Health, has been detected in the Hogar San José Residence, a center for people with disabilities in La Laguna. Seven users, two nuns, 13 workers and a volunteer tested positive for coronavirus. In total 23 cases were confirmed in the center. The start of the infection was caused by a user who was admitted on the 19th and is now hospitalized. The rest of the positives are asymptomatic and in home isolation.

Due to the large number of cases registered in Tenerife, which has become the epicenter of the pandemic in the Islands, the Santa Cruz Fairground is preparing to host a field hospital, which will be able to house between 50 and 220 people affected by coronavirus.

Among those admitted by Covid-19 in the Islands there are two pregnant women. One of them underwent a cesarean section last Tuesday in the operating room of the Insular Hospital. Yesterday, the 44-year-old woman was progressing favorably and the baby, at 30 weeks gestation, is stable in the Maternal, according to hospital sources.


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