July 11, 2020

Coronavirus in the Canary Islands: 15 women have asked for help in the island pharmacies through the Marcarilla-19 protocol – La Provincia

15 women have asked for help in the island pharmacies through the protocol activated by the Canary Institute of Equality (ICI), Mask-19, protocol started since the alarm state started by the COVID-19. Of these, two have had to be taken in outside their habitual residence.

The president of the College of Pharmacists of Las Palmas, Juan Ramón Santana, He admits that this idea caught them by surprise because “we had never thought of something like this”, but also considers that the proposal made by the Canary Institute of Equality (ICI) of the Canary Government “It has spread throughout Spain and throughout the world, it is having great success internationally.”

The director of the ICI, Kika Fumero, Exposes the seriousness of the situation and ensures that “as this confinement progresses, the number of cases increases of women who have to leave their homes with their sons and daughters because they are in danger because they are forced to live 24 hours a day with the abuser. “

The protocol is very simple, as Juan Ramón Santana explains: “That person who feels threatened goes to the nearest pharmacy and simply has to tell the person at the counter ‘mask 19’. At that time, that person will ask for some information and will call 112, also saying ‘mask 19’. At that moment a very fast protocol is launched and the police appear in minutes at the pharmacy or wherever the user says. We had a very close case and the police arrived in less than 10 minutes to act and implement the protocol. “

During the five weeks of confinement, the care service for women victims of violence SAMVV 1-1-2 has received an average of 350 weekly calls who have required the activation of DEMAs (emergency devices) on a total of 110 occasions.

The DEMAs are activated, in addition to resolving the reception of a woman in an administration resource, to accompany them to a medical center, go to a judicial process, file a complaint or facilitate a trip to take refuge in the home of a relative .

It is a security plan where all the measures that women can take during this period to protect themselves or avoid aggression by their partner are reported: how to leave the house safely or how to act if they do not live with the abuser but continues to harass them or share child custody; what the environment can do to help if it is suspected that a neighbor, friend or family member may be a victim of gender violence and what are the resources available on the Islands.

In the event of any immediate emergency, call 112 or other telephone numbers of the security forces such as 091 and 062 or call for help through the ALERTCOPS app.

“We want to get these women and the minors who accompany them and who also feel threatened and in danger, who are not alone, the community, the neighborhood and the administration, we are very pending to alert and help them,” concludes Fumero.


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