June 15, 2021

Coronavirus in the Canary Islands: 112 Canary Islands workers mobilize against their job insecurity – La Provincia

One of the professional groups of the Canary Islands health personnel whose activity is considered essential in managing the crisis of the coronavirus is the one that is part of Canary Islands Coordination and Emergencies and Security Center (CECOE) 112. Just over a week ago, these workers received applause from agents of the Civil Guard and firefighters, who went to the headquarters of the agency in the León y Castillo street to thank you for your work. But these applauses do not compensate the precarious labor situation in which the professionals of this service find themselves.

In early April, the USO and CCOO unions unveiled the current situation of 112 telemarketers in the Canary Islands, whose service is outsourced. This department, now more fundamental than ever, in charge of receiving, classifying and transferring emergency calls from the Archipelago, is managed by a private company, North Group, who confessed at that time to have “cash and liquidity” problems to pay the payroll.

In this situation, 112 workers have mobilized to demand that this service, in which thousands of private data of the Canarian population is managed, directly order the Canary Government and the public company Gestión de Servicios para la Salud y Seguridad de Canarias (GCS) for end the precariousness of outsourcing work in private companies.

His claim is embodied in virtual form through the Change.org platform, in which they ask 1,500 firms to end the outsourcing of the service. “My name is Freddy, I work as the teleoperator for the 112 Canary Islands telephone service, an essential service whose importance has been reaffirmed in recent months, however, My colleagues and I have spent months in deplorable working conditions. ” Thus, the promoter of the initiative begins to count the current situation of the department.

“In the last two months we have seen the entry of our payroll be delayed by up to two weeks without any prior notice. Delays are something common under the management of awarded companies. But there are things we cannot go through,” he explains. in the petition that launches so that the The Canary Islands government assumes this service directly in the next awarding competition to be held shortly . “In a few months, the contract with Grupo Norte, the company responsible for today, and the management of our activity will go out again to a public tender for another company to take over, once again having to negotiate working conditions and remain precarious.”

“Service 112 is an essential service with a heavy workload and significant levels of stress and responsibility. It is illogical to outsource a service like this and leave it at the mercy of the management of a private company that has financial problems and puts at risk the attention of emergencies in the Canary Islands, “he explains, assuring that the GSC has all the means to assume the service and give it in a much more efficient way.

Respect and decent working conditions that reflect the importance that their work has for Canarian society right now, on which this claim is based: “This situation has a direct impact on employees. We carry out our work in a professional manner, it is unacceptable that we do not receive the respect and conditions that we deserve.


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