September 28, 2020

Coronavirus in the Canary Islands: 100 euros fine for not wearing a mask – La Provincia

He Canary Islands Government began last weekend with the reinforcement of surveillance of playful encounters in bars, discos, parties in villas or celebrations in open spaces for make sure attendees respect the use of the mask, with penalties of 100 euros for violators.

Inspections will be carried out by agents of the Canary Police, the different local police, the National Police and the Civil Guard, specifies the Executive, in a statement.

The Canary Islands Government recalls that in the face of the coronavirus crisis in the Islands The use of the mask is mandatory in closed spaces for public use and also in open spaces, provided that the minimum interpersonal distance of at least 1.5 meters cannot be kept.

In spaces such as shopping malls, the mask is mandatory since it is not always possible to guarantee that distance, he adds.

“This obligation joins the hygiene and hand washing measures necessary to reinforce social and individual action against the transmission of the virus in the islands and avoid the appearance of new outbreaks by covid-19 “, he stresses.

He must usage of the mask is required of all citizens over the age of six, except for situations excepted by Royal Decree Law 21/2020, such as presenting some type of respiratory disease, disability or dependency and the exercise of individual outdoor sport, among others .

The Canary Islands Government Health Department calls on the responsibility of the population to protect themselves against the covid-19 and, therefore, protect the most vulnerable population, avoiding close contacts even between family members.

40 percent of outbreaks in Spain are caused by family reunions in which security measures are not respected, he stresses.

“The Government of the Canary Islands does not rule out having to adopt other more restrictive measures, if these were insufficient in the face of a change in the scenario of the pandemic in the Canary Islands,” he warns.


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