September 30, 2020

Coronavirus. Iberia presents an ERTE that will affect up to 90% of some of its departments

The file will last three months, although its application period may vary depending on the evolution of the pandemic

Iberia announced today that he presented a temporary employment regulation file (ERTE) due to coronavirus, initially for three months, although “the evolution of events will continue to elucidate if a later expansion or an early recovery of activity is necessary”, as explained in a press release.

All business areas directly related to the operation will be affected by ERTE in the same proportion as the reduction in capacity. So, the staff of the operational areas of flight, handling, online maintenance and cargo will be affected by the ERTE of force majeure up to a maximum of 90% during the three months, as explained by Iberia. In the case of central services and offices, both corporate and maintenance and handling, will be affected by a maximum of 70%. In the rest of the maintenance activities, due to the commercial relationship with external clients and hoping that it will remain in the current situation, engines will be affected in a maximum of 60%, while in major maintenance the impact will be a maximum of 80% the first two months and a maximum of 90% the third. The Components area will in turn be affected by a maximum of 70%. In total, the number of those affected by the measure will amount to 13,900.

Flight schedule

Iberia will also adapt its program to a reduced operation, in accordance with the restrictions approved by different countries. The purpose of the flights that the airline is operating is to “guarantee a minimum connectivity of Spain, in the short, medium and long radius; allow Spaniards who are not at home to return to their families and friends as soon as possible and in the best possible way, and also make it easier for foreign citizens who are in our country to return to their places of origin, ”according to has explained.

On the other hand, the company has launched banknote flexibility policies and has enabled a form on the web to streamline requests. So, Anyone with an Iberia ticket to fly until April 30 can request a voucher for the amount of their ticket on the web, which can be used until March 31, 2021, without any restriction on dates and destinations. Also, you can change your reservation without any additional cost. All information is updated on the website.

From the first moment, the company assures that it has taken “cost saving and containment measures”, such as the freezing of all external hires and consulting services, the cancellation of discretionary expenses, the postponement of corporate training, the suppression of all marketing expenses, among others.


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