August 3, 2021

coronavirus. easyJet will stop almost all its activity on Tuesday

The airline will maintain a maximum capacity of 10% for flights in the United Kingdom

Little by little, the airlines are leaving practically their entire fleet ashore due to the coronavirus. The last to announce this decision has been easyJet. The company announced today that following closings in many European countries, travel restrictions and changes in travel advice, It has made the decision to land the majority of its aircraft fleet from Tuesday, March 24 onwards.

The company It will continue to operate rescue flights as necessary to repatriate clients and it is estimated that most of these rescue operations will be completed on Monday, March 23. Details of the rescue flights the company is operating can be found here: For those passengers who are abroad, easyJet recommends that they book a rescue flight before Monday.

Minimum flights

The airline plans to operate with essential minimum services on some routes. This will be a maximum of 10% of normal capacity during this time of year and mainly routes to, from and within the UK.

easyJet will continue to review its flight schedule weekly to ensure it meets current demand. According to recent estimates, the company is aware that many customers with existing reservations do not intend to travel, so they are encouraged to change their tickets now for free, since this way they can better adapt the flight to demand needs. easyJet continues to exempt all exchange fees for customers who wish to carry their flight to a later date and can now change it until February 28, 2021. Customers will be contacted directly if their flight is canceled and will be provided with their options.


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