Coronavirus crisis | Why aren't all music festivals canceled now? - The province

In a time of widespread bewilderment around the world, the music industry in particular lives expectantly given the clear possibility that this 2020 will be a totally lost year by the coronavirus. Not surprisingly, more and more authoritative voices point to 2021 to regain some normality when it comes to concerts.

In this climate in which it is difficult to affirm something emphatically, the organization of Resurrection Fest you want to add a little light to the public to understand why many summer festivals have not yet been canceled and they keep their potential assistants on edge.

"Given the restrictions that are in place right now, it is more than likely that no musical event can be held in the coming months and that obviously includes the Resurrection Fest, "begins the statement shared on social media.

And he adds, with total sincerity: "As we have already communicated to you, the safety and health of all parties (public, workers, gangs) is the main thing and we will never put that before anything, so we do not believe that an event should be held with so many thousands of people given the current situation. "

Then 'El Resu' asks the question that so many people are asking these days: "Why don't we make the decision to postpone the festival?" And the answer is most direct: "This is an event that involves managing hundreds of gang contracts, suppliers, sponsors, etc. than we cannot unilaterally break. For it a force majeure clause is needed, something that can only be established by the Government. This has already been done in many countries in Europe, but it has not been done here yet and we all have to wait for it to happen. "

According to the statement, this situation is "really difficult for an independent festival such as the Resurrection Fest, since unfortunately in Spain there is no type of insurance that covers a global crisis due to an epidemic like this and the losses caused by not carrying out the event to be assumed are enormous. "

In addition, the different actors that make the festival possible also they will be "very disadvantaged". From the staff and their families, to suppliers, to external workers, the press, the technical stage team, sound, lights, workers, decoration, security, waiters, food trucks, sponsors and "many other small companies that have a large part of their billing with the festival. "

"We also want to emphasize that this will also be a severe blow to the local hospitality industry in Nursery -Lugo locality where the Resu is planned from July 1 to 4- and the entire region, since the great economic impact that the festival leaves in the area (bars, supermarkets, hotels ...) was this year more necessary than ever "the organization points out.

The bands, very collaborative

The festival has "been working for a long time in all possible scenarios, in contact with local and regional administrations", so it anticipates that "most likely" is that the edition of this year 2020, that of its fifteenth anniversary, "It just has to be postponed to 2021."

And he adds: "The positive part is that the bands are very collaborative when it comes to re-scheduling the poster, and we are almost convinced that, in the more than probable case of not being able to do the festival this year, our 15th anniversary will be celebrated in 2021 in style with all the attractions of the current poster and many more surprises. "

The festival explains that it does not want its public to worry about the tickets, so they will give "the specific details later". They will all be valid automatically by 2021, in any case, "and whoever cannot attend will be offered a refund of the value of the ticket within the periods established by law."

"We know and it is a source of pride that our public is one of the most loyal in the country and we count on your support to be able to enjoy magical days in Viveiro again. Now more than ever, support culture, music and the rock scene in all its aspects. Thank you for your understanding and much encouragement to everyone. Please stay home, keep safe distances, wash your hands as much as possible and follow all directions. We will see each other soon, "he concludes.


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