July 11, 2020

Coronavirus crisis | Thebes says that the RFEF “changes” its proposal on financing – La Provincia

The President of The league, Javier Tebas, ensured that the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) has changed what was said this morning in relation to a line of financing for professional football 500 million euros, with the guarantee of television rights.

“I apologize that we are currently with these issues but it is necessary to clarify that the RFEF changes what was said this morning. (Hear and read press conference), he wrote on social networks.

“Individual clubs have spent years using this line of financing with tens of millions of euros, “he wrote on social networks. It has allowed stadium reforms, the construction of sports cities, the payment of the historic debt … He asked the UEFA , Why don’t you have the Champions, the Eurocopa,?, very simple as the article says, insurance is not quoted (they don’t give you a price). #Ignorate # sorry, “he added.

Thebes responded in this way to the RFEF after it insisted that the financing line proposed for professional football is viable, once the president of LaLiga recalled the provisions of the Royal Decree for the centralized sale of audiovisual rights.

“Thank you for your offer of a € 500M credit with the guarantee of TV rights, but it has happened again as with insurance policies in a pandemic, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE. Read additional provision 1a of RD 5/2015 of centralized sale of Television, “he said.

The president of the clubs specified that the provision of the Royal Decree indicates that LaLiga “may use all the rights the commercialization of which is legally assigned as a guarantee to access financing, with the sole purpose of providing the participating clubs and entities that make it up with resources to settle your debts with the Public Administrations “.

In response, the RFEF indicated that the body “he held out his hand to the League to negotiate jointly a line of financing for Clubs and SADs “.

“The first additional provision, as the President of the League knows perfectly well, does not prohibit Clubs and SADs from contracting credits for the financing of any payments with creditors whatsoever – including footballers -, offering as guarantee their own television rights or whatever they will receive from the League in payment of such rights that the League markets jointly, “said the RFEF.

The latter reiterated that its proposal is perfectly valid and fully complies with the applicable regulations.


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