Coronavirus Cofidis, quarantined by the coronavirus until March 14

The French team has been held at an Abu Dhabi hotel since last Thursday

Cofidis, one of the teams held in a Abu Dhabi hotel since last Thursday after the Arab Emirates Tour was suspended for two positive cases of coronavirus, must remain in quarantine until March 14. In the French formation two Spanish cyclists militate: the brothers Jesús and José Herrada. It is the communication that the French team has received from the health authorities of the Emirates, which yesterday also announced six other new cases of coronavirus in the platoon. «We just learned that we are officially in quarantine, a priori until March 14. It is true that the deadline is distant (although it is only 10 days) but, in a way, it is a kind of relief, ”says Thierry Vittu, president of Cofidis.

Vittu emphasizes that «until now the difficult thing was to live without a deadline and the permanent expectation of a close result that never happened. It was a source of anxiety and stress. Now we know what to expect, and even if the confinement in the room continues everyone will know how to find occupations, distractions, activities ... ». Above all, Vittu launches a message of unity, even at a delicate moment and of maximum discomfort for athletes. “We will remain united, aware that we are living a collective adventure, that we would have liked not to live, but that will teach us about ourselves and others. We believe that in a few months we will laugh among ourselves ... proof that we are already planning! »

In the last hours, the Spanish and Cofidis ranks leader Jesus Herrada, had sent a message in the networks regretting that the retention in Abu Dhabi entails a serious stop for the planning of the season. «Sixth day of confinement and it turns out that there are positives in other teams. The logical thing would have been to let us out just after our second negative in the test, but no, here we are still held. They are many months of work thrown away and the worst, deprived of our freedom, ”was the message of one of the Herrada brothers.


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