September 21, 2020

Coronavirus can’t with Italian galleries for now

The international contemporary art fair begins this Wednesday without cancellations and “normally”

Two days before it starts ARC, the international contemporary art fair of Madrid, the organizers of the meeting have indicated that they are still “working normally” without being affected today by cancellations of Italian participants due to the coronavirus crisis. «We have not received any calls from Italy», they insist.

Thus, the fair will host from the February 26 to March 1 at siete italian galleries, Although the health authorities of that country have already confirmed until noon this Monday six fatalities and more than 200 people infected by the outbreak originated in Wuhan. In addition, the authorities of the Veneto region have announced the Carnival of Venice suspension and the Lombard local government cancels the events planned at the La Scala theater.

With the cancellation of the Mobile World Congress so recent, the organizers of the fair recalled that “we are following the hygiene recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the preventive part. We have also implemented a protocol, but we work at a normal pace and do not expect any condition, ”said Eduardo López-Puertas, CEO of IFEMA. Possibly, and unless they annul their presence, the Italian galleries Studio Trisorio, Spazio A, Giorgio Persano, Francesca Minini, Massimo Minini and Prometeo will go to ARCO, in addition to another that is in the Opening section (Galleria Più).


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