July 16, 2020

Coronavirus brings celebrities to TikTok

While intellectuals on social media predict that the coronavirus lockdown will produce great novels of early-century literature, most celebrities have turned to instant broadcasts and into a digital world hitherto dominated by teenagers.

It is the TikTok social network, a Chinese creation that last year was the most downloaded application in the United States and the seventh most popular of the decade between 2010 and 2019.

The first of the celebrities to put TikTok on adult radar, after first being a stronghold for the younger ones, was none other than Jennifer Lopez, who opened her account to promote rehearsal-inspired dance challenges of his choreography before the Super Bowl, and from there he uploaded them to Instagram and Facebook.

JLo made history again this weekend by putting that social media on the front page with two funny videos of her family during the Miami quarantine against the virus, which already leaves the world 372,757 infected and 16,231 dead.

Other celebrities have been showing up little by little, once interest piqued they discovered that TikTok has some 500 million active users worldwide, of which 41 percent are between 16 and 25 years old.

Although many had accounts so inactive that they probably would not make the 500 million list, since the isolation recommendations began to be adopted to crush the coronavirus spread curve, publications among celebrities have increased dramatically.

Reggaeton artists are among the most active today. J Balvin took advantage of the launch of his album “Colores” last Friday to promote a challenge of a simple dance that has gone viral among teenagers.

Puerto Ricans Ozuna and Farruko have made videos singing from their showers and Anuel AA and Karol G were among those who made videos with the audio of Cardi B. maddened by news of the virus.

Dominican Natti Natasha also joined this group, opened her account on March 15 and has religiously posted once or twice a day, amassing 2.1 million followers.


Mexican soap opera queen Erika Buenfil was already a TikTok teacher when Spanish-speaking actors began to seclude themselves in their homes. Her account as @sazonandoconlaabue is a mix of dances and the challenges and dubbing that dominate content production on TikTok.

During the coronavirus quarantine, other celebrities have turned to their wisdom online and recorded videos with it, including their current heartthrob, Omar Fierro, and other actors in Mexican soap operas such as the Argentine Sebastián Rulli and the Venezuelan Emmanuel Palomares.

The artists of the Mexican regional musical genre have not been left behind either. Larry Hernández and Pepe Aguilar have boarded the TikTok train encouraged by their daughters, with whom they have recorded dance videos.

Those recordings, between 15 and 60 seconds, dubbing fun audios or doing dance challenges, are the daily bread of the platform, which was born from the merger of the Chinese application ByteDance and the American Musical.ly.

The company has not yet revealed the number of new users or if traffic has grown during the month of March, but significant growth is expected with the now-secure presence of celebrities.


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