Coronavirus. Atalanta-Valencia triggered coronavirus infections

The match was played on February 19 in Milan, still with an audience in the stands

The Atalanta-Valencia Champions League is the reason why coronavirus infections have exploded in Bergamo and it has become the most affected city in Italy, with 3,500 affected out of a population of 120,000. 45,000 followers del Atalanta, approximately a third of the inhabitants of Bergamo they traveled to Milan to watch the game of the Champions League. Atalanta cannot use their field in European competitions and plays on loan at San Siro. And at that time, security measures had not yet been tightened.

The match was played on February 19 still with public in the stands. There were still no general precautions or alarm, and the party was the perfect transmitter for coronavirus.

At that time, some cases of the disease had already been detected, both in Valencia as in Bergamo, but the curve shot up from that moment. Valencia was the first soccer team in which positive cases of coronavirus were detected in Spain and several journalists who traveled to the match were diagnosed as positive.

The situation in Bergamo is very complicated and in recent days we have been able to see impressive images in which Military vehicles transport coffins to transport them to crematoriums in cities like Modena or Bologna.


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