September 25, 2020

Coronavirus: A doctor’s war against COVID and against stupidity – La Provincia

Doctor Varon is called the hunter of COVID Because you have spent weeks in this unit created for the occasion looking for the most perfect remedy. And it’s not bad because his treatments are giving a 95% recovery hope among his patients, Ryle is one of them. He says he couldn’t breathe and that with the little air he had he came home to call emergencies. Now he recovers little by little with the treatment of Dr. Varon. But together with the successes, this pulmonologist walks his frustration through the corridors because people do just the opposite of what he asks from inside. I am fighting two wars: one battle against COVID and the other against stupidity. In the first I have some hope of winning but in the second it is becoming very, very difficult. Meanwhile, he continues to fight in this special unit for COVID patients in Texas where the virus continues to resist.


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