October 28, 2020

Coronavirus: A couple ignores the confinement to have sex in a photo booth – La Provincia

A Barcelona Metro private security guard surprised and recorded a couple skipping the confinement to have sex in the interior of a photo booth from Plaça Espanya station. According to the secretary organization of the Professional Union of Private Security, Ignacio Arroyo, the scene was captured yesterday Tuesday at 6:00 p.m. Intercourse between two people, also outside the mobility restrictions for the suburban train, takes place in a public space that, according to security workers unions, has degraded in parallel to the pandemic. A version that does not coincide with that of TMB and Mossos d’Esquadra.

Sources of Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB) They confirm that, despite the fact that the episode was not counted as an incident, it does appear that a security guard called the attention of a couple at that station on Tuesday, who was indeed caught intimately in the photo machine.

At video you hear the man say from behind the curtain this phrase: “We are taking a picture of ourselves.” The vigilante responds with a “yes, of course”. Then you see how the movement of pulling up his underpants begins and, aware that the curtain reveals his legs, he reconsiders and promises that they will leave immediately.

The episode, or anecdote, for Arroyo reflects the deterioration that the Metro is undergoing in recent days. The influx of users has plummeted but the presence of conflictive people – among whom is also a worrying percentage of unaccompanied foreign minors ‘mena’ – who do not accept confinement has remained, causing a landscape inside the metro that worries these workers.

From the ADN union, Sergio Sánchez agrees with Arroyo and adds that they have warned the Generalitat that they have noticed that the pickpockets that still act despite the restrictions seek to steal credit cards – through violent robberies since without crowds it is almost impossible to steal carelessness – since banks have increased the payment limit without entering the security code in a measure taken to prevent contagion.
TMB and Mossos they assure that affluence and crimes collapse.

Since the beginning of mobility restriction measuresAccording to TMB, the influx of users to the Barcelona metro has plummeted. This Tuesday, without going any further, the total number of travelers who traveled through the network was only 8% of a normal working day. In other words, “the demand for the service has decreased by 92%”. Conversely, the supply of trains remains at 60% until 9:00 in the morning to prevent crowds that force users to breach security protocols to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

The crimes They have also been reduced in a proportion similar to the influx of travelers, according to official data from the Mossos d’Esquadra. Both because the action of pickpockets has decreased – they need crowds to act – and because fights or uncivil behavior have also decreased.

He ATM announcement that between the 2nd and the 9th of April the Metro will be free for essential services workers – the rest I cannot use because it should be confined – will force increased private and police security controls at the entrances. A measure that, according to TMB, also helps to reduce scenes such as that of the couple’s joint.


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