Corinna's documents asked to leave King Juan Carlos 30% of a Hispanic-Saudi fund that he sponsored

One more chapter in the history of King Juan Carlos I and his ex-lover Corinna Larsen set in tax havens. The ex-lover of the emeritus tried to leave him 30% of the Saudi Hispanic fund that the former head of state had sponsored and in which she had worked -with the involvement of the Government of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero-, according to the documents revealed by the macro-investigation of Pandora Papers , a journalistic investigation by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) that will reveal from this Sunday the financial secrets of high international leaders, businessmen, artists or athletes, and in which ElDiarioAr, a sister newspaper of in Argentina.

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Julio Iglesias has about twenty offshore companies in the Virgin Islands to manage his fortune

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The documents published this afternoon reveal that Corinna Larsen asked the Alcogal de Panama law firm to write a letter to Bachmann Trust Company (New Zealand) Limited, the manager in charge of managing the Peregrine Trust, to include Juan Carlos de Borbón among the recipients of the income obtained through that Hispanic-Saudi fund, along with her two children, in the event of her death.

“I want the trustees to consider distributing to His Majesty King Juan Carlos I Borbón de Borbón 30% of all income from the Saudi Hispanic Investment Fund alone. After the liquidation of the Saudi Hispanic Investment Fund, His Majesty King Juan Carlos I Borbón de Borbón should no longer be considered a beneficiary of the trust, ”stated the letter, which is unsigned and which has been disseminated in the Pandora Papers investigation. “It is my intention that this memorandum expressing my wishes remains in effect until it is canceled or modified by my own writing. In the event of my death, I would like you to take into account the wishes of the people mentioned above. The content of this document should not be disclosed to third parties and should at all times be considered a private matter between us. Sincerely, ”the text ends. In a later version, the name of Juan Carlos de Borbón does not appear and "Mister X" appears in the list of beneficiaries.

The Spanish-Saudi investment fund whose income Corinna intended to give, in part, to the then head of State was an idea sponsored by the then Foreign Minister, Miguel Ángel Moratinos, as explained by El País, to promote business between Spain and Saudi Arabia that King Juan Carlos sponsored and in which Corinna Larsen was involved. The forecast is that investments worth 4,125 million euros will be made for various projects, but in 2010 it was dissolved without having achieved its objectives. The Spanish companies that participated, including Técnicas Reunidas, lost the 21 million euros they had invested.

Corinna Larsen's lawyer, Robin Rathmell, issued a statement this Sunday in which she assures that her client's legacy plans are based on "false documentation." "Rumors that lack any foundation point to Juan Carlos as the beneficiary of a financial structure related to Corinna zu Sayn-Wittgenstein. These rumors have their origin in false documentation. The evidence showing the falsification of these documents was presented to the Swiss authorities in 2019. This matter will be incorporated as part of my client's harassment claim filed in the High Court of Justice against Juan Carlos ", states the note sent to the press.

Switzerland is investigating an alleged $ 100 million donation from the King of Saudi Arabia to Juan Carlos I. This "gift", as described by the Swiss researchers, would have been deposited in an account opened in the private bank Mirabaud in the name of the Lucum foundation, whose sole beneficiary would be the king emeritus. According to the newspaper Tribuna de Ginebra, Juan Carlos I withdrew money for several years from that account and, in 2012, gave the remaining 65 million euros to his ex-partner Corinna Larsen through another Swiss bank based in the Bahamas. He would also have given another million to a Swiss citizen with whom he would have had a relationship. Both donations would have taken place in the middle of the scandal over his hunting trip in Botswana with Larsen, when the bank urged him to withdraw the funds from the entity for a matter of "reputation". According to Larsen's lawyer, this donation would have been "a gift" from King Juan Carlos. These investigations have also led to an investigation by the Public Prosecutor's Office in Spain for alleged money laundering and tax crime against the king emeritus.


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