Corinna told Villarejo that Juan Carlos I received a house from the King of Morocco of 36,000 square meters

The ex-lover of the King Emeritus, Corinna Larsen, gave details to Commissioner Villarejo about the operation for which Juan Carlos I received a "property of the King of Morocco" in Marrakech of "nine acres" [36.422 metros cuadrados] in a conversation during a dinner in London in October 2016, recorded without the consent of the King's ex-lover and now published by OKDIARIO. According to Larsen, the movement failed because the farm "had no electricity" and could not be sold, so it ended up being a "poisoned gift": "The King of Morocco does not want to know anything. They want to sell society and earn money , but it cannot be sold. "

"The paper says that I bought it, but ... [inaudible] They have used the lawyer Canonica to study if they can return that property. They have said 'we cannot' and have been very angry (...) I am not going to do anything until I know what he wants to do with the property. You have nothing on that property. There are camels. There is no electricity. You have to make an investment of 10 or 15 million, "he says.

The dialogue continues with a lament from the businesswoman for the conditions in which the farm is located and the impossibility of selling it: "The question is not how much it is worth, it is that it cannot be sold (...) It is as if they give you a piece of desert in Saudi Arabia. All right, what are you doing? (...) The gift is poisoned. " Larsen and Villarejo had already had a conversation in 2015, made public by OKDIARIO and El Español three years later, in which she spoke of the land in Marrakech, which is also part of the cause of the Geneva Prosecutor's Office.

"He wants to have things that he cannot because he does not declare his fortune"

To the cost of starting the farm is added, according to Larsen, the impossibility that the deed was in the name of the king emeritus because he could not explain in Spain the figure that declares assets if "he has that type of property outside". "You cannot declare that you have assets outside, where this money and this gift have come from. But he is not very smart and never has been. If you want, ask the king of Morocco for a house of his to use, so you do not have any headache, "he suggests, to which he adds that" he always wants to have things that he cannot have because he does not declare his fortune. "

In another moment of the dialogue, the businesswoman relates that she told the king emeritus that he had to learn what "loyalty" was: "He has not been loyal. For no one ... Neither for his family nor for anyone ... His weakness is that he did not He has a sense of loyalty (...) I remember Gerardo Díaz Ferrán, Arturo Fernández ... All those people outside. He has the greatest weakness in his lack of loyalty. " "With more loyalty I would have achieved more things," replies Villarejo, to which Corinna agrees.


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