Corinna Larsen commissioned to investigate 14 friends of the king emeritus

Corinna Larsen, ex-lover of Juan Carlos I and beneficiary of the donation of 65 million euros that the then King received in 2008 from Saudi Arabia, commissioned a Swiss detective agency to investigate 14 people close to the king emeritus, According to the newspaper El País. Larsen currently has a lawsuit open against the former monarch in the UK courts, where he has sued him for harassment.

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Among the 14 people whom Larsen commissioned to investigate are Juan Carlos Escotet, Alberto Alcocer and Alberto Cortina, as well as three under investigation who also appear in the judicial investigations already filed by both Switzerland and Spain: Álvaro de Orleans, Allen Sanginés Krause and Joaquin Romero Maura. The group of those investigated was called in the investigation as "the straw men". Several of them are linked to judicial and journalistic investigations into donationsopaque expenses and payments to the king emeritus.

According to the documentation to which the Prisa group newspaper has had access, the ex-partner of the emeritus king paid 130,000 Swiss francs (125,686 euros) for the investigation. The assignment also included investigating Larsen's ex-husband, the German aristocrat Casimir zu Sayn-Wittgenstein. The contract came months after the Swiss prosecutor's office opened an investigation against her for alleged money laundering upon receiving the donation of 65 million euros from Saudi Arabia and that the king emeritus had hidden in a bank account in Geneva.

The group of "straw men" includes, among others, Juan Carlos Escotet, president of Abanca and founder of Banesco, who has the fifth fortune in Spain; the friends of the king emeritus Alberto Alcocer and Alberto Cortina; José Mestre, owner of Terminal Cataluña; Joaquín Romero Maura, former advisor to Juan Carlos I; Mexican businessman Allen Sanginés Krause; the Catalan businessman Josep Cusí and his lawyer Buenaventura Castellanos Matarrodona, and Álvaro de Orleans, a distant cousin of the king emeritus.

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