January 18, 2021

Corinna informed Felipe VI in 2019 that his father demanded that he give him the 65 million from Saudi Arabia the year of his abdication

Corina Larsen, the king’s ex-lover, sent a letter to the Royal House in March last year in which he states that Juan Carlos I asked him in 2014 to return the 65 million from Saudi Arabia that he had transferred two years earlier as a “gift “from the Lucum Foundation account at a Swiss bank, according to has published El Mundo this Friday. The businesswoman says in the letter that she refused because she wanted “to avoid potential accusations for financial crimes” and, then, the king emeritus accused her “falsely of having stolen her property.”

Álvaro de Cózar:

Álvaro de Cózar: “The press runs the risk of not supervising Felipe VI, just as he did with Juan Carlos, for understanding that he is the glue of a country”

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In the document sent to the head of the Royal Household, Jaime Alfonsín, by the London law firm Kobre & Kim, Larsen assures that he gets in touch to “provide information of interest to the kings” and with the aim of “ending the campaign defamation and intimidation that he had suffered for seven years “from both the” King Emeritus and General Félix Sanz Roldán, director of the CNI “.

Larsen details that in 2012 she received “an open investment portfolio at the Mirabaud Bank in Geneva with a foundation called Lucum”, a gift that “was not requested at any time” by her, and explains that they are listed as beneficiaries, in addition to the king, Felipe VI and the Infanta Leonor.

The transfer made by the King Emeritus to the German businesswoman in 2012 came in turn from a donation to the monarch of the late King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. The money – a “gift” for her and her son for the “affection” he had for them, according to his version before the Swiss prosecutors investigating the origin of the money – ended up in an account in the Bahamas of the Gonet Bank of Geneva in his name . According to Larsen’s account, in 2014, two years after making that transfer, Juan Carlos I asked for the funds to be returned to her and she rejected it “to avoid possible charges for financial crimes.” Then the monarch would have falsely accused her of having stolen her property “and would have launched a” campaign “of harassment against her.

“The king emeritus defamed and accused for this fact [a Corinna] to his clients and partners, “says the document, according to El Mundo, which points to the CNI and Sanz Roldán for making” false news “in the press. Specifically, the then-CNI official accused him of the” deliberate leak to the press details of the trip to Botswana. “In another moment he assures that Roldán acted with the knowledge of the king.

Felipe VI acknowledged, when he renounced his father’s inheritance in March this year, that he had known about the existence of the Panamanian foundation since the previous year, 2019, through Larsen’s lawyers. This is the letter with which he would have been informed of the events, according to El Mundo.


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