April 20, 2021

Copa Rey basketball 2019: Barcelona shows pulse and hit against Valencia | sports

Copa Rey basketball 2019: Barcelona shows pulse and hit against Valencia | sports

The Barcelona reached the semifinals of the Cup exhibiting pulse and stuck against a brave Valencia who competed to squeeze their threshold of suffering. The set of Ponsarnau came in front of the final stretch of the duel, but a partial 13-1 between 35 minutes and 38 resolved the dilemma forcefully. Singleton and Tomic contained the Valencian onslaught and Heurtel, Hanga and Ribas finished the mission. Pesos awaits the Iberostar Tenerife (Saturday, 7pm) to fight for a place in the final.

With Van Rossom and Will Thomas as strikers, Valencia overtook Barça in reaction speed and reinforced their confidence in the opening minutes thanks to a partial that was not greater by the blur of Dubljevic, who missed three unusual pitches in him before leaving to the bench to recap the plan. It was enough to set a trend. Those of Pesic tried to surpass the hesitations of the premiere seized to the pause of Heurtel and the percussion of Tomic and Singleton. But, without the pressure of the favorite, the oranges began to make their way with the powerful reinforcement of Tobey. Dubljevic relief relieved the Catalans (nine points, two rebounds, two plugs and 13 assessment) in their 5m 55s on track and led the first demarcation of the night (13-24, 11 m).

Against such a tessitura, this time, Barça clenched his teeth in defense with the intensity of Ribas and Hanga and caused seven turnovers in his rival. Meanwhile, Heurtel multiplied in the intensity of points until the Pesic managed to balance the pulse (31-31, 16). Valencia lost the pace but not the attitude. As if taking for granted the reaction azulgrana, Ponsarnau's team weathered the storm and took another flood of Will Thomas to go to rest with a small advantage (37-39, 20 m).

In the intermission, the tribute to the legend arrived. Juan Carlos Navarro jumped to the track under the chords of Simply the best of Tina Turner to receive the multitudinous ovation of all the hobbies that packed the Palace and that did not manage to lower the chants against a minority part of the Madrid fan. As a tribute to the legacy of the ex-captain of Barça and the best Spanish national team in history, the ACB awarded him the gold and bright badge of the Club Association from his president, Antonio Martín. La Bomba, which won its seventh Cup a year ago in Las Palmas, the last of 23 club titles in 20 years of career, received in Madrid part of the recognition that was denied with a forced withdrawal to which it is still not accustomed as recognized a few days ago.

The emotionality of the act did not de-stress the contenders, who in the resumption continued with their vibrant exchange of blows. The battle moved to the perimeter and rose of revolutions with the consecutive successes of Ribas, Claver and Dubljevic from 6.75. Always with Valencia ahead, the clash entered the core. And, again from the triple, Singleton and Van Rossom established a partial draw (48-48, m.27) as trailler of an exciting outcome, of those that the Cup holds.

In the third quarter, Barça managed a 4 of 7 in triples that corrected their thickness, but the control in the rebound and the episodic inspiration from the perimeter in the precise instants allowed the oranges to enter the goal straight with the options intact (65-69, m.34) after three consecutive three-pointers from Dubljevic, Matt Thomas and Labeyrie. With the double Heurtel-Pangos engine on the track, Pesic remedied the crisis and started a new game in the format of extension (69-69, five minutes ahead).

Each trip to the hoop became a penalty shootout to be solved from the free kick. In the territory of fear, the balance of forces transited from the basketball to the emotional. Hanga's pulse trembled less than that of San Emeterio and, with the reappearance of Tomic in statistics, Barca made a valuable piggy bank to squeeze his rival (78-73, 2m 30s). The second consecutive triple of Hanga put Valencia on the ropes and a two plus one of Pau Ribas sent him to the canvas. In just three minutes, the partial was 13-1, from 71-73 to 84-74. Barcelona was a semifinalist.

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