Sat. Feb 23rd, 2019

Copa Libertadores The Police already has the list of violent Brave Bars

Copa Libertadores The Police already has the list of violent Brave Bars

The agents of the National Police Corps in charge of traveler control at the Madrid Barajas airport already have the list of the members of the ultras groups ("Barras Bravas") of the Boca Juniors and River Plate teams, considered to be the most dangerous, with the final purpose, as happened with one of them on the night of Wednesday to Thursday, to return them to their country so that they do not generate conflicts during the celebration of the Copa Libertadores final

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This list, as anticipated by LA RAZÓN, has been provided by Argentine police agents, who have moved to Spain to collaborate in the security device on the occasion of the mentioned sporting event, which could not be developed in the American country due to serious incidents of public order.

Sources of the investigation have expressed their confidence that the return to Argentina of one of the most "dangerous and significant" elements, dissuades others from making a trip that will be "round trip", without the possibility of attending the match soccer. This is Maxi Mazzaro, a follower of Boca Juniors, who was returned to Argentina from the Barajas airport.

The Police, depending on whether or not they are on the aforementioned list, is ordered not to let any of the fans with a history of violence pass by. Therefore, it is believed that the same will happen with Rafael Di Zeo, who has obtained authorization to travel to Madrid although he has been warned that he will not be able to access the Santiago Bernabéu stadium. Reason why your lawyer stated yesterday that, in the end, he will stay in his country.

On the other hand, in addition to the Citizen Security agents, integrated into the UIPs, those of the Information Brigade will perform a very important task when detecting possible conflicting elements or situations of potential danger, in order to alert other units or intervene on the fly.

These agents, who also have the information provided by their Argentine colleagues about the «Brave Bars», they will be deployed in various areas of Madrid, especially in the Center, where a greater influx of fans is expected during the hours before and after the match.

To think that at any moment, during the weekend, a conflictive situation is generated is "illusory", since the end of the sports competition is preceded by serious disturbances of public order, which have forced to hold it in Madrid, with that this supposes of additional expenses for the fans: an element to add to the tension that already occurred in Argentina.

The security device, which today will be defined in a meeting that will take place in the Government Delegation, should ensure the normal development of the ninety minutes, with its before and after, but, experts emphasize, can generate unforeseen at any time that will have to be resolved on the fly.

In these cases, we must work, among all the hypotheses, with the most negative, in order to be prepared. Everything will depend on the attitude that the fans of both teams maintain from the first moment, if they seek the "anger" or, as it would be desirable, maintain an attitude of sports passion without the use of violence.

With regard to other threats, as reported by this newspaper, surveillance has been strengthened on individuals and groups suspected of belonging to jihadism in order to prevent any of them from attempting to use the event to perpetrate criminal actions that would reach a great advertising effect. The large police deployment in Madrid is going to contribute, in any case, to the fact that said elements may hinder their freedom of movement. In this matter, the agents of the Information Brigade will be the ones who will play a decisive role so that no "surprise" can be produced that would damage the image of Spain.


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