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Copa Libertadores: Against twelve and against 12 | sports

Copa Libertadores: Against twelve and against 12 | sports

"There, they will not let me in, here they are," Rafael Di Zeo laughs after being photographed with an amateur who has recognized him in the vicinity of the Camp Nou. In the video, still posted on the website of the Argentine newspaper Clarion, you can see him on his way to the stadium to attend the last edition of the Joan Gamper trophy, held last August. He is accompanied by other heroes of the 12th, such as his brother Fernando, Mauro Martín, Fernando El Lana Gatica, Carlos Santacruz, Javier Godoy and Mariano Mantarro. In another video, recorded minutes later by a journalist from AMA Radio, we observed the bosses passing the security controls without major problem that the incredible size of any of them, busy organizing the always pompous and hierarchical access of the bar to the facilities of any stadium.

As reported by journalist Gustavo Grabia on the day of the match, Di Zeo and Mauro had completed the process of communicating to the Argentine authorities their intention to travel to Spain, accused as alleged cover-ups in a crime of kidnapping and extortion occurred in 2016. To this, Di Zeo added another pending process that points to him as the alleged instigator of two murders committed in 2013, in the middle of the war for the control of the bar against the followers of Mauro Martín himself. "We advised the Spanish police about the background and prohibitions to enter the stadiums that weigh on these people," said the Director of Sports Safety of the Nation, Guillermo Madero, Infobae. "In the absence of any agreement of reciprocity, as we did with Russia during the World Cup, they told us that they would be watched closely but without preventing them from entering the Camp Nou."

The event raised a great dust among the Argentine public opinion, indignant in its majority before a new demonstration of connivance between clubs and barrabravas -some of them traveled in the same plane as the staff xeneize- and incredulous before the normality and the silence with which the motherland welcomed so illustrious visitors Such a history, coupled with the latest bluster of some radical groups in our country, could explain the unparalleled degree of admiration with which not a few voices have reported. all the ultra paraphernalia that surrounded the last Superclassic. Thus, while Argentina is wondering today if Rafael Di Zeo agreed to his throne in the paravalanchas of La Bombonera despite the imposed prohibition, here we recreate in the energetic praise towards the primal nature of the most hostile environment.

Beyond folkloric arguments – almost nostalgic in some cases – what happened in the stands of the Alberto J. Armando stadium supposed a new demonstration of strength on the part of the mafias that, for several decades, drown Argentine soccer. "The united 12 will never be defeated," read a large banner warning of the new infighting struggles that are about to come, always attentive to the different factions before any chance to put the glove on a multi-million dollar business that distributes dividends for the massive resale of tickets, drug trafficking, unofficial merchandising, the black market of the dollar, the revolutionary tax on footballers and even commissions for the transfer of young values ​​to the big European clubs. So long and powerful are the claws of the bar, the same ones that fill the courts with color and beat palms without rest to justify, in some way, their privileges.

Against twelve and against 12, River drew, an orphan of encouragement by law in the opposite territory, to demonstrate once again that soccer is still the football players: the only thing that, fortunately, is still capable of giving orders to the ball.

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