Copa Libertadores: A party at home for the nine clubs of River and Boca that are in Spain | sports

Copa Libertadores: A party at home for the nine clubs of River and Boca that are in Spain | sports

Asunción or Miami. Medellin or Paris. None of them. The return of the final of the Copa Libertadores will be played in Madrid. And then the WhatsApp groups of the Argentines in Spain began to burn. "We can not believe it, this was not expected by anyone. We have to look at the positive side, we are going to have Boca here. Since this morning the rumor arose, messages never stopped arriving. We are more than 400 in the group, imagine the chaos ", explains Elías Sánchez, vice president of Pasión Xeneize, peña of Boca Juniors in Barcelona. "The game had to be played on the River court, we all wanted it to be played at the Monumental. At least, now, we're going to be able to see the final. We have it close ", adds Marcelo ex-president, of the subsidiary of River in the Catalan capital.

In Spain, the two giants of Argentina have nine clubs. Boca has five (Barcelona, ​​Andorra, Valencia, Madrid and Mallorca) and River, four (Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Valencia and Malaga). Different colors, melancholy. What began as a small group of friends who came together to watch the games of the Superliga has become organized clubs, capable of activating ties with Buenos Aires. "When Boca came to play the Gamper (on August 15) fell to Barcelona 3-0) It was incredible. We organized a party in which President Daniel Angelici participated. They let us go to the hotel where they were concentrated, we talked to the players. Impressive, "recalls Elias.

Same formula used River fans. Before Núñez's squad played the Club World Cup final against Barça in Japan in 2015, Enzo Francescoli, sports director, and Rodolfo D 'Onofrio, president, were in the Catalan capital. "We made a barbecue for them, I was sitting next to the Enzo. He told me about the kicks that Astrada gave to Aimar during training, "explains Marcelo.

A contact that was not lost. D'Onofrio reserved 10 tickets (remunerated) to each rock of River in Spain so they could go to see the final at Monumental. The tickets arrived, the game did not. "I have a bar in Mataró and on Monday, after the double suspension, I did not know what to explain to the clients. A global failure, a lack of respect for football, "says the Boca fan, Elías Sánchez. From the maximum enthusiasm, to the shameful indifference. "The decibels went down. The fear of losing no longer exists. Now I do not know what to feel, I guess I'll have that adrenaline again. I do not know ", completes Marcelo, follower of River.

From Buenos Aires to Madrid, different methods of organization to not miss the final. "On the way out, we had to reserve a place for 800 people. Now, we have to prepare the trip to the Bernabéu, "says Elías. It will not be the first time. In March the Peñas de River and Boca in Barcelona organized the trip to see the friendly match between Spain and the Sampaoli team in the Wanda Metropolitano (6-1). "We hired several coaches, it cost us roundtrip 40 euros to each person. We arrived in Madrid at seven in the morning and came back after the game. We will have to do the same, "says Elías. Yes, each rock made its trip. It was not a matter of joining, not even under the colors of Argentina. "We made a flag at the door of Wanda, they at the Metro station," Marcelo concludes. Neither in Buenos Aires, nor in Madrid, the nostalgia binds in a single shout to the hobbies of Boca and River.

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