Fri. Feb 28th, 2020

Copa del Rey. Unicaja, to the semifinals of the Copa del Rey with a victory “made in Spain”

Unicaja completed the Copa semifinals table by winning (90-86) at Casademont Zaragoza. The revelation of the season fell to the host in a game marked by the importance of national players in the Malaga team. Sergio Scariolo can be satisfied. With a quintet formed by Alberto Díaz, Darío Brizuela, Jaime Fernández, Carlos Suárez and Rubén Guerrero – only Suárez will not be next week in the “Windows” of qualification for the Eurobasket 2021-, the Malaga returned to the clash to measure themselves in semifinals with MoraBanc Andorra.

The hands, supported by DJ Seeley’s scoring recital, dominated with authority until well into the third quarter. The escapes were never beyond nine points away, but those of Porfi Fisac ​​controlled the situation with relative tranquility. Until Luis Casimiro decided to put the three foreign internationals on the track together (Díaz, Fernández and Brizuela). With all the possible talent on the track, Unicaja turned the situation around and resumed DJ Seleey’s game against the rest of the world. The forward ended with 29 points, but ran out of ammunition in the final minutes. When he needed his team the most, the hands were orphaned. The difference that Unicaja had taken was enough to resist because the final three minutes were a cluster of nonsense. The quota of errors was somewhat smaller in Malaga, who pursue the dream of becoming the first host since Baskonia lifted the title in 2002.

90. Unicaja (18 + 23 + 28 + 21): Adams (10), Fernández (9), Toupane (5), Thompson (14) and Gerun (3)
– titular quintet – Brizuela (9), Díaz (15), Waczynski (7), Guerrero (12) and Suárez (7).

86. Casademont Zaragoza (23 + 25 + 19 + 23): San Miguel (4), Seeley (29), Brussino (6), Benzing (13) and Hlinason (2) – titular quintet – Barreiro (6), Radovic (8), Alocén (0), Vázquez (10), Ennis (8) and Krejci (0).

Referees: Martín Bertrán, Lorente and Vélazquez. Without eliminated.

Incidents: 10,346 spectators at Martín Carpena. Fourth match corresponding to the quarterfinals of the Copa del Rey.

Quarter finals: Barcelona, ​​78-Valencia, 82; Real Madrid, 93-Bilbao Basket, 83; Iberostar Tenerife, 85-MoraBanc Andorra, 87 and Unicaja, 90-Casademont Zaragoza, 86.

Semifinals: Real Madrid-Valencia (18:30, #Vamos) and MoraBanc Andorra-Unicaja (21:00, #Vamos).

Final: Sunday (6:30 PM, #Come on).


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