Fri. Feb 28th, 2020

Copa del Rey. Llull prevents Madrid from suffering against Bilbao Basket

Pablo Laso warned that the best Llull would return. Before Bilbao Basket and with Madrid leading the semifinals he left the first tracks. His rachita in the second quarter was the announcement of what was going to happen in the final stretch when the “Men in Black” wanted to prolong the discussion. After Campazzo, Tavares and Deck left the half-liquidated game in the third quarter, the Bilbao returned. They actually did justice to their outstanding season and headed the final minutes with Madrid in sight (75-70). There appeared the explosive Llull, that of the impossible triples, the one that connects with the harrow based on “tangerines”. He chained twelve points and Madrid took off to meet Valencia.

Pesic already says it. “In Spain there is only Madrid and Barça.” The best test is the Bilbao Basket by Álex Mumbrú. It is a pleasure to see a newly promoted play with the joy and impudence that the “Men in Black” do. Facing Madrid was his sixth game of the season against a Euroleague team. The previous five had won them and the one in the Cup fought him until the end. With ten players who help and an attractive basketball, Bilbao justified its presence in Malaga.

And the Madrid? Except for the crossing of cables that Randolph suffered against the world in the third quarter, few surprises lived on the way to the semifinal. He gave the impression of gladly allowing the exchange of blows until the break. Between Campazzo, Deck and Tavares squeezed in the third quarter to avoid last minute misses. The base there are times when it gives a feeling of absolute control over everything that happens on the track. Accelerate, brake, score, pass, command, let do … and without giving the impression of reaching the limit. Deck filled the pothole game for Bouteille, the biggest outside threat from the Basques. And Tavares was as dominating inside as Campazzo outside. And that the tall men of Bilbao were daring and never avoided the fight. But he had not finished the third quarter and already accumulated ten points and the same number of rebounds. He finished with an outstanding 12/14.

The victory of Madrid also left details that point to Carroll being won again for the cause; Rudy reappeared; Causeur added … what was clear is that if Campazzo and Tavares work, life is easier for their peers. Llull is a separate case. One more problem for Valencia.

93. Real Madrid (23 + 27 + 23 + 20): Campazzo (13), Carroll (7), Deck (14), Randolph (9) and Tavares (12) – titular quintet – Rudy (3), Taylor (2), Llull (19), Mickey (2) and Causeur ( 7).

83. RETABET Bilbao Basket (21 + 26 + 16 + 20): Rouselle (16), Martínez (5), Bouteille (13), Sulejmanovic (8) and Balvin (12) – titular quintet – Kulboka (13), Schreiner (0), Lammers (7), Rodriguez (7), Rigo ( 0 and Haws (0).

Referees: Peruga, Calatrava and Oyón. Without eliminated.

Incidents: 9,857 spectators at Martín Carpena. Second match corresponding to the quarterfinals of the Copa del Rey.

Quarter finals: Barcelona, ​​78-Valencia, 82; Real Madrid, 93-Bilbao Basket, 83; Iberostar Tenerife-MoraBanc Andorra (Friday, 19:00) and Unicaja-Casademont Zaragoza (Friday, 21:30). (All in #Vamos).

Semifinals: Real Madrid-Valencia (Saturday, 18:30, #Vamos) and? -¿? (Saturday, 21:00, #Vamos).

Final (Sunday, 6:30 PM, #Let’s go).


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