Sat. Feb 22nd, 2020

Copa del Rey: Live | Real society

Oyarzabal scored a penalty and tied Matheus. Odegaard made the second

The Mirandés lost in the Real Sociedad field, but scored a goal, so everything remains to be decided for the return match, the first week of March. There is life for the Second team, intense, brave and willing to do anything against the team that threw Real Madrid out of the tie.

The Real will have to sweat a lot, although the truth is that the victory gives him a minimal advantage. The Mirandés will have to go out to his field to win, to make a goal and that can give options to the colorful football of the Alguacil team. However, it has already proven that with Mirandés against anything is simple.

Oyarzabal’s goal in a moot penalty put the match and the tie downhill for the first team. But the Mirandés did not give up. It was soon for everything, too early to throw away all the work done overboard.

He followed his own, despite the penalty and despite receiving something so early. Mirandés is very confident, who made the game he wanted, complicating the life of the rival, very closed, without letting a rival move that needs space and joy. The Mirandés denied everything.

And tied, Matheus, who has marked all the first who have crossed their path in this Cup and opened the sky to Mirandés.

But Odegaard took advantage of the only moment and space he had to run, came free to the area, threw, there were a couple of rejections and did not fail in his last shot. A goal that gives him the victory and puts him a little step ahead.

But only one step.


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