Copa del Rey: Girona chokes at Atlético | sports

Copa del Rey: Girona chokes at Atlético | sports

There are no doubts: el Girona Simeone chokes. Can not Atlético with the Gerona team neither in LaLiga, nor in the Cup, nor in Catalonia, nor in Madrid. Symbol of a more doubtful Atlético, only delivered to the creativity of Griezmann, the Girona is a fort for the rojiblancos command of Machín or send Eusebio in Montilivi. When it seemed that the patience with the ball was the formula to beat the Girona, after the initial goal of the French fell asleep the Athletic. There was no time to react, after the Lozano draw. Then appeared the usual recipe, a vertigo that does not save Lemar, Correa and Vitolo. Everything depends on Griezmann, icon of the club in the budget and in the field.

Girona, 1; Athletic, 1

Girona: Gorka Iraizoz; Ramalho, Bernardo, Muniesa; Alcalá, Aleix García, Valery, Paik (Portu, m 67), Douglas Luiz; Doumbia (Àlex Granell, m.80) and Lozano (Borja, m. 58). Not used: Suárez, Andzouana, Eric Montes and Pachón.

Athletic: Adam; Arias, Giménez, Godín, Montero (Correa, m.46); Koke, Rodrigo, Saúl, Lemar; Griezmann (Thomas, m. 58) and Kalinic (Vitolo, m.72). Not used: Oblak; Savic, Juanfran and Gelson.

Goals: 0-1. M. 9. Griezmann. 1-1. M. 34. Lozano.

Referee: Hernández Hernández He showed a yellow card to Montero and Godín. Referee of the VAR: Martínez Munuera.

Montilivi Stadium: 7,700 spectators.

The money is shared among a few at Atlético. The rojiblanco set, the third best budget of LaLiga, has the shortest template in Spain. Paradoxical situation regarding the ambition of Simeone. Cholo wants to win everything, also Griezmann, of course. The Argentine coach had to watch the game from a box of Montilivi, because of a penalty. With the French as a lantern, he took an eleven with the best available in Montilivi, rested Oblak. A decision, in any case, more management staff than to care for the legs of the Slovenian goalkeeper. To Eusebio, on the other hand, the opposite happened to Simeone. Also with a staff of 20 players, chose to take care of their main actors. No matter how much illusion the Cup generates, permanence is the goal, especially after five consecutive draws: outside the two pillars of the Girona squad, Stuani and Bono.

Without their franchise boys, the cheerful Girona took refuge, from the outset, near Iraizoz. It was so strange to see crouched the team of Eusebio as the Athletic comfortable with the ball. Saul recouped to join the central at the start, while the field opened the sides, Arias and Montero. Lemar and Koke were closed and the rojiblancos dominate the game at will. Yes, at a slow pace. But what the midfielders could not accelerate, Griezmann did. The Frenchman does not take part in a party, nor does his idyll rest with the goal. In the first shot at the door of Atlético, before the clock scored 10 minutes, the 7 sang the 0-1.

The Fortune

Fortune, in any case, played in favor of French. He received the ball from Kalinic in the area and, without hesitation, took a strong left-footed shot that crashed on the crossbar and then crashed into Iraizoz's foot and crossed the line. Griezmann's goal did not alter the script. Then there was no sign of Girona, much less of Lozano and Doumbia, the tips of Eusebio. The duel was dressed as a pachanga, it did not hurt Atlético against harmless Girona. But the strikers of the Catalan box woke up, a gift for the match, a martyrdom for the disconnected rojiblanca behind, especially for the young Montero, target of the attacks of the boys of Eusebio.

Ramalho started climbing on the right wing, Aleix García took the reins of the game, while Lozano and Doumbia threatened Godín and company. Lozano warned with a weak shot that controlled Adam and Doumbia's head shot, in the small area door, went over the crossbar. The effectiveness of the people of Madrid counteracted against the erratic Girona. And when Montilivi most missed Stuani's scoring power, Lozano made the difficult easy. Aleix Garcia found the Honduran at the door of the area, who took a strong shoe that left nothing stretched by hand changed Adam. Lozano was enlarged, while Ramalho reigned on the right wing. The crossbar saved Atlético from the Honduran goal after the center of the defense.

It did not react the Athletic one, yes Simeone. The Argentine closed the gap of the rear: Correa by the young Montero. The Cholo risked, it did not work. Neither Kalinic nor Correa have the magnetism of Griezmann with the networks. In a more recognizable Athletic, more vertiginous than slow, more willing to bite than to like, Kalinic failed in duplicate, same luck as Correa. Nor could Vitolo, who made Iraizoz look. Stretched the Athletic one, the Girona returned to scare to the red and white behind. But Doumbia failed in duplicate before a good Adam. Everything was open to an outburst of some striker. Griezmann was no longer in the field.

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