September 27, 2020

Copa del Rey | Campazzo and Llull put Real Madrid in the semifinals – La Provincia

The Real Madrid did not fail in front of a Bilbao Basket (93-83) that proved to be a worthy rival and that proved a good level for a quarter-finalist team of the Copa del Rey. The white set resolved the crash when Facundo Campazzo took the baton in the last quarter. In the last one the festival appeared Sergio Llull, with 12 points in that period. Two triple house brand put the show to a tough game. The players of Pablo Laso will face the Valencia BasketExecutioner’s Barça, in the Saturday’s first semifinal

First quarter: there are no victims here

He was not willing Bilbao Basket by Álex Mumbrú to have an ephemeral step in the Cup. True to his philosophy, he avoided Real Madrid play comfortable. His escort, Axel Boutellie, that discovery for him basketball ACB, which several teams want to recruit, stayed in just two field shots in this room, but despite the superiority in the rebound of the targets, the balance was maintained throughout this period, where the Basques came to go ahead on the scoreboard, as with 13-16 after a triple of Rousselle. Anthony Randolph and Walter Tavares, both with 7 points, marked the differences in attack of the Real Madrid players, who they closed the first act with a short income (23-21).

Second quarter: with answer for almost everything

That a newly promoted to qualify for the Copa del Rey is already something unusual. But many, after achieving success, have lost tension. Bilbao does not, quite the opposite. During the second quarter he overcame several critical moments, but he always floated in even it was ahead in the scoreboard in several phases, as it happened after a triple of Rafa Martínez, a fireproof veteran, three minutes from the end (39-41). The Frenchman Fabien Causer, unpublished during the first act, with a ticket to the basket, and a triple of Facundo Campazzo put the maximum advantage for the Real Madrid players to 17 seconds of the end (50-44). But the faith of the men in black led them to further compress the clash with a triple almost on the horn in a difficult situation of Bouteille, author of 7 points in this period, which He left the score at half-time at 50-47.

Third quarter: Campazzo says enough

Facundo Campazzo and Tavares have become the thermometers of Real Madrid. When both work, everything is easier. After equalizing Bilbao the game in the first action, which ended with a triple of Kulboka (50-50), came a definite acceleration (57-50). The whites were running the track and Mumbrú ordered a zone defense with 63-55 (min. 25) to try to change the pace. But the Argentinean Real Madrid base had said enough. Almost no one today in the ACB is able to stop it When you step on the gas. And from the initial fifty draw, it went to a 69-55 after a triple from Campazzo. The white machinery no longer stopped (73-59) and only four points of Bilbao in the last 30 seconds prevented the game It will break definitively (73-63).

Fourth quarter: Llull joins the festival

Madrid went until 16 points of rent in the last quarter (71-55), where the show was put by an outstanding Sergio Llull, author of 12 points in this period and two triples with his seal. Bilbao tried, even got 7 points in the last two minutes, but nothing could do before white superiority.


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