March 1, 2021

Copa América: Revive Messi, Argentina dies with Brazil | sports

As if I had never given the initial kick, the Copa América seemed to start and finish in Brazil-Argentina. A beautiful duel, intense, but above all vibrant, accompanied by a burning Mineirao, who spoiled the Canarinha, cheered Messi and was divided by the presence of Bolsonaro. Little was known about Messi in Brazil, more active in the mixed zones than in the game, annoying on the mat and happy at the microphones. Messi appeared when Argentina needed it the most. It was not enough: the clubs, Alisson and, essentially, the efficiency of Brazil, accurate to score, hard to defend, condemned Argentina empty of titles since 1993. The Canarinha already has its end, one more at home, at the Wait for Chile or Peru.






Alisson, Alves, Marquinhos (Miranda, 63), Alex Sandro, Thiago Silva, Gabriel Jesus (Allan, 79), Arthur Melo, Casemiro, Everton (William, 45), Coutinho and Roberto Firmino.


Franco Armani, Juan Foyth, Pezzella, Otamendi, Tagliafico (Paulo Dybala, min 84), De Paul (Giovani Lo Celso, min 66), Paredes, Marcos Acuña (Di María, min 58), Messi, Aguero and Lautaro Martínez

1-0 min. 18: Gabriel Jesus. 2-0 min. 70: Roberto Firmino.

Alves (min 39),
Juan Foyth (min 55),
Tagliafico (min 8),
Marcos Acuña (min 39),
Aguero (min 93),
Lautaro Martínez (min 57) and
Allan (min 81).

Stadium:Mineirão Stadium

Al Mineirao does not hurt the 1-7 as much as Argentines (mocking, by nature) insist on reminding the crooked Brazilian the smack of the Mannschaft. In fact, Cruzeiro's house quickly drove away the ghost of the historic beating against Germany when he beat a tough 3-0 to Argentina in the South American qualifiers in 2018. They were three and could be more, but Neymar's complicity with Messi is not the same as David Luiz's with Schweinsteiger. The Mineirao is complicit and cruel with the 10 of Argentina, who does not know what it is to beat Brazil in an official match. Belo Horizonte cheered on Rosario when he was a pipiolo in 2007, also in this Copa América 2019. The stadium was lit when the public address system sang his name as when the Barça took a ride out of one of his boys. Of bonus track, what has never been seen so far in this Cup: for the first time a stadium was filled.

As beautiful as intimidating, festive as well as bellicose, the Mineirao intimidated when he began to sing a cappella the Brazilian anthem. Classical atmosphere, the match of the parties, again great to welcome Argentina from Messi, who did not miss the great date of America. Finally an eleven Scaloni repeated. The first that the coach does in his 14 games on the bench, but we must add up to 40 duels to find two consecutive line-ups traced from the Albiceleste. Brazil does not have that problem. Tite found his team without Neymar. A group that walks steadily at home, wanting to win the Cup that has not lifted since 2007.

Without overwhelming it, Brazil did not let Argentina leave. The duel started as the stadium. Fighter, at a frenetic pace, with no one to be encouraged to give the ball a rest. The Albiceleste willing to be a short team, covered the bands and Brazil sent from Arthur, this time with partner Coutinho, Dani Alves more present than Gabriel Jesus and Everton to widen the field. With the 10 still in Copa América 2019 mode, the first one that appeared in Argentina was Paredes with a powerful shot, without scare for Allison. Brazil controlled the team of Scaloni, empty in the midfield with the need for Messi to go down to look for a ball that was impossible for him to approach Acuña and De Paul. Paredes, meanwhile, was more involved in the fight than in the game and the central players, especially Otamendi, jumped at the pineapple. Or as Foyth, as bold as erratic, who lost an inexplicable ball, which Gabriel Jesus could not condemn.

The acoustic of the Mineirao hooked, ironic with the mistakes of the Canarinha, sarcastic with those of Argentina, energetic when Gabriel Jesus became friends with the net, after the pass of Firmino, assisted by a great Dani Alves, so decisive at 36 years of age Then, when the Albiceleste seemed doomed to the win, appeared the 10. Installed hook, walked Casemiro who sent him to the lawn. The rosarino put the ball on Aguero's head and the cross saved Allison. Messi revived, in a first leg match against Liverpool, sure he was going to sell face the defeat. He was rocker to retrieve the ball from the ground, tanguero to take to dance to Casemiro in the area, a gesture celebrated by the Mineirao.

Messi back and there was classic in Brazil. Party in the stands and Jair Bolsonaro did not want to miss the opportunity to be noticed. With the players in the locker room, the president was sent to the edge of the field, picked up a Brazilian flag and waved it to the rhythm of "Myth, Myth, Myth". There was no unanimity in the Mineirao. He reacted to another part of the stadium, a symbol that Bolsonaro does not unite the country as Canarinha does. Tite did not like the rebound of Argentina and played the team at halftime: Willian for Everton, more muscle to control the awakening of 10. He has a karma with Argentina and with Alisson. The Rosario could never beat the goal. He took a strong left-footed shot that rejected the post, the same impotence in a direct foul that the Liverpool goalkeeper took it from the squad. Neither the fortune nor the referee sided with the Albiceleste, who claimed two penalties: the first from Alves to Agüero and the other from Arthur to Otamendi.

Argentina dignified the classic attack, but lost in defense, an evil that dragged throughout the Cup. A candy for a street forward as Gabriel Jesus. With the Albiceleste camping on Brazilian soil, the tip of the City took advantage of the ingenuity of the Argentina back to back and in a huge gallop left Firmino to push the ball to goal. "Eliminated, Eliminated, Eliminated", exploded the Mineirao. And he was right In the best game in Argentina, Brazil was more effective in attack, always safe in defense, unbeaten so far in the Cup. Without Neymar, Canarinha already has its ticket to the Maracana final, now we will have to see how Argentina is reinvented. You already know, in any case, that Messi does not want to give up.

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