March 1, 2021

Copa América: Messi: "I did not go to the awards ceremony because I did not want to be part of the corruption" | sports

Red for Messi, goodbye to the disputed duel for the third place between Argentina and Chile. The match, which had started interesting, attractive for the recent rivalry between the Red and the Albiceleste, was disfigured in the 37th minute when the referee expelled Messi and Medel for what he interpreted as a fight between the two captains. Bad news for 10 (will miss the first game of the next Copa America in Argentina), also for his team, which dominated with authority to Chile, the hand of Rosario, but also Dybala and Lo Celso, two players with more future that presents in the Albiceleste. The bronze medal, finally, was hung by Argentina (2-1), who took advantage of the advantage he had achieved with the Barça striker on the field, without consequences in the back when Arturo Vidal discounted a penalty. But Messi did not want to know anything about getting on the podium. "I was not (to the delivery of medals) for a little of everything", explained the rosarino; "I did not want to be part of this corruption, it was a lack of respect. No doubt, he is armed for Brazil. " And he insisted: "I felt that we had been robbed, we had to be in the final. We do not have to be part of corruption "






Franco Armani, Otamendi, Pezzella, Tagliafico, Juan Foyth, Giovani Lo Celso (Ramiro Funes Mori, min 89), De Paul, Paredes, Messi, Aguero (Matías Suárez, min 80) and Paulo Dybala (Di María, min. 66).


Gabriel Arias, Paulo Diaz, Jara (Guillermo Maripán, min 49), Medel, Aránguiz (Castillo, min 82), Vidal, Beausejour, Erick Pulgar, Isla, Vargas and Alexis (Junior Fernandes, min 16).

1-0 min. 11: Aguero. 2-0 min. 21: Paulo Dybala. 2-1 min. 58: Vidal (p).

Pezzella (min 56),
Tagliafico (min 92),
Juan Foyth (min 78),
Walls (min 62),
Vidal (min.25),
Beausejour (min 15) and
Erick Thumb (45 min.)

Messi (min 36) and
Medel (min 36) and

Stadium:Corinthians Arena

It matters little, in general, the duel for third place. Argentina and Chile, on the other hand, did interest them. There were pending accounts between the Red and the Albiceleste. After playing the last two finals of the Copa América, in which both won Chile in the penalty shootout, there was desire to jarana in the Corinthians Arena. But, above all, there was a desire for revenge. For Argentina, of course. However, this Chilean generation moves at ease in the brawl. Like Arturo Vidal who was saved from the red after hitting a provocative slap at Dybala or Medel, who faced Messi with vehemence after a play in which the Chilean protected a ball that was lost by the baseline. The problem for Messi was that he planted himself. Red for the two captains, two experienced guys to get carried away by emotions: Medel, 126 international duels; and Messi, 136.

Chile supports Messi

Messi was not upset with Medel after the incident he had with the Chilean in the game. "I think it was not expulsion. These are things that happen in games. With a yellow enough, "said the 10. Words to which they adhered from the group in Chile. "I agree with Leo. With a yellow for each one reached. The referee is very bad. It hurt everything that could be an Argentina-Chile and hurt Argentina against Brazil. To us, before Colombia, they sent us to a hotel that was very far from the stadium, "said Medel. And Arturo Vidal remembered the duel of the Albiceleste against Canarinha: "Everyone saw the two penalties that did not charge Argentina against Brazil. It was clearly harmed. The VAR is handled differently in Europe. In South America they have to learn "

It surprised that Messi fell into Medel's trap. It is not customary for 10 to get involved in fights. In fact, he never saw the red with Barcelona in the 687 duels in which he has participated. With Argentina, yes. It was in 2005, the day of its premiere with the Albiceleste against Hungary. A young Messi, 18, has just jumped into the field (he was 40 seconds), when he was expelled because the referee interpreted el Rosario's elbow when trying to get rid of a rival's grip. "Messi, Messi, Messi", sang the Corinthians Arena. A cry of encouragement. A cry that seemed to ask the intervention of the VAR so that the 10 could get away from the red, when Argentina commanded with authority on the scoreboard and in the game (2-0). But video arbitration, which could, did not want to intervene. The rosarino did not finish anything happy, that already had complained of the room of videos after the defeat before Brazil. "They got tired of charging bolucedes all the cup and today they did not go to the VAR, "the captain had said, referring to two penalties that Argentina claimed before the Canarinha. Messi recalled the match against Brazil, after his expulsion against Chile: "I repeat the corruption, people are not allowed to enjoy football. Maybe this was sent, they gave me a bill. "

The VAR did intervene to warn the referee of a possible penalty of Lo Celso over Aranguiz. The referee indicated maximum penalty and Arturo Vidal put the 2-1. But the game had long since been distorted, a bitter duel, which had started sweet for Argentina. Scaloni planted the Albiceleste of the future or, at least, with the proper names that delude the fans. The Celso returned to the inside position, while Dybala, at last, earned a place in the eleven. And it was with a nice pass from the Betis player for a better definition of the Juve striker: 2-0. Before, Messi had thrown of picketing to quickly take a foul in the midfield, while the players of Chile protested to the referee. On the 10th he met Agüero, who left Arias on the road and scored his second goal in Brazil, his number 41 with the Argentine shirt. Dominated the Albiceleste in the field, but the good news for Scaloni was even greater: Messi was with Dybala. Then, the 10 saw the red one. He did not forget, however, the final. "I hope that neither the VAR nor the referees influence and Peru can make a good match. The Cup is armed for Brazil, "concluded the 10. The Cup for Rosario and Argentina-Chile, attractive for the past, decaffeinated by the present, frayed in São Paulo.

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