March 7, 2021

Copa América: Brazil beats Peru without 'jogo bonito' | sports

Neither Maracanazo, nor 1-7. In the America Cup Canarinha, nobody coughs in Brazil. It will be recorded that the boys of Tite lifted the ninth continental tournament, the first since 2007 and the fifth that is played at home. But nobody will talk about football. Neither the Canarinha, nor Messi, more present in the microphones than in the field. In Maracaná, the legend of Alcides Ghiggia, protagonist of the mythical end of the 50 World Cup, will live on. He dreamed for a moment of Peru with emulating Uruguay. He was left with the desire. Yes, he did pass the Cain to the pragmatic Brazil, with goals from Everton, Gabriel Jesus and Richarlison, left in nothing the transitory 1-1 of Guerrero penalty. In the final of America, he suffered the Canarinha, rich in talent, poor in play, before and after the expulsion of Gabriel Jesus.






Alisson, Alex Sandro, Marquinhos, Thiago Silva, Alves, Arthur Melo, Everton (Allan, min 92), Coutinho (Eder Militao, min 76), Gabriel Jesus, Casemiro and Roberto Firmino (Richarlison, min 74).


Pedro Gallese, Miguel Trauco, Zambrano, Luis Abram, Luis Advincula, André Carrillo (Andy Polo, min 85), Yoshimar Yotún (Raúl Ruidíaz, min 77), Edison Flores, Renato Tapia (Christofer Gonzalez, min 81), Christian Cueva and Guerrero.

1-0 min. 14: Everton. 1-1 min. 43: Warrior (p). 2-1 min. 47: Gabriel Jesus. 3-1 min. 89: Richarlison (p).

Thiago Silva (min 52),
Gabriel Jesus (min 29),
Zambrano (min 67),
Luis Advincula (min 83),
Renato Tapia (min 48) and
Richarlison (min 90).

Stadium:Maracanã Stadium

People got hooked late to the America Cup. The semifinal against Argentina caught the crooked one in Belo Horizonte, while Rio de Janeiro looked at the maximum continental tournament. This Sunday something changed. Like every morning, the Cidade Maravilhosa awoke soccer. This time, interest was taken by the Canarinha, often forgotten in Rio, more aware of his spoiled son, Flamengo, than of his father, Brazil. Peru did not threaten another Maracanazo and there was no fear of going out into the street with the white shirt, the one that was erased from the Brazilian memory after the historic goal by Ghiggia, now recovered after the far right appropriated the green blanket. In Maracana, however, he dressed in traditional yellow, probably because of the high price of tickets and because the selection is more important to the establishment than to the working class.

The clothing was traditional, yes; but the game of Brazil continues being the modern one. A team with no more figure than its goalkeeper and with his maximum star, Neymar, in the gallery, again away from the field because of an injury. There is no way for Neymar to take over a team (invisible in the PSG), nor for his team, without news of his football every time the Canarinha needs it. Absent the PSG forward, Brazil emerged as an essentially solid team. Play for a while, bore another little, never give away in defense. If not ask Alisson, who accumulated 727 minutes without receiving a goal until Paolo Guerrero, a penalty, stole the unbeaten.

As if to contradict Messi – "everything is ready for Brazil to win," said the 10-, the Chilean referee Vargas understood as a penalty hand of Thiago Silva after a center of Cueva. The VAR asked the referee to review the play, but there was no way to change his mind. Guerrero scored and Maracaná shuddered. The goal of the Peruvian canceled the goal of Everton, again present in the scoreboard, after a great play by Gabriel Jesús that took Trauco on the right wing. Again Brazil suffered. He had already done it in the dawn of the duel when Peru came out willing not to take a bag of goals, as he had done in the group match (5-0).

If Everton, that footballer with street dribbling that took over Neymar's band, was the surprise of the Cup, Gabriel Jesus was the wheel of assistance, present every time Brazil needed him, as against Argentina and in the Maracana final . But the forward betrayed the impetus. He went to fight a high ball with fierceness when he already had a yellow and left the locker room.

If by then Brazil was already prey to nerves, cornered by a Peruvian team with no more arguments than the dream of the feat, after the expulsion of Gabriel Jesus the Canarinha became blurred. A very strong shoe of Edison Flores alerted the team of Tite, who needed to make time and consoled himself with the compensation codes of the referee, very rigorous to interpret as a penalty a shock from Zambrano to Everton. Richarlison put the 3-1 and, finally, breathed Brazil, drowned in the ghosts of a possible comeback, without answers with the ball. He won the Copa América, once again he lifted the continental trophy at home. Neymar was not there, nor was the beautiful jogo.

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