August 7, 2020

Copa Airlines launches a campaign for early detection of cancer

Panamanian airline Copa Airlines unveiled the symbol with the pink and blue ribbon on Wednesday, which identifies the global fight against breast and prostate cancer, which will take a dozen of its planes during this month of October as part of the "Do it to weather".

The initiative, promoted in conjunction with the Office of the First Lady of Panama, was presented at the Tocumen International Airport, the main airport in the country and considered an important center of regional connections.

The Vice President of Human Resources of Copa Airlines, Vidalia Fernández, said during the event that the campaign aims to convey a message of reflection and prevention of the disease.

"Copa operates 350 flights a day with an average 40,000 passengers, if all crews make the announcement about cancer prevention and at the same time, people see the emblem, it could make them reflect to have screening tests done," said the directive.

In addition, he said that the Copa initiative is part of the national campaign promoted by the Office of the First Lady with the slogan "Joining forces against Cancer".

"Cancer is a disease that does not warn, does not knock on the door, does not ask for permission and breaks into our lives. It always hits you and we are never prepared to receive this news," the first Panamanian lady, Yazmín Colón de Cortizo, said at the event. .

The difference, said the first Panamanian lady, "is the early detection", so she urged women to have the breast exam and men the prostate exam.

In Panama, more than 3,600 cases of cancer are treated each year at the National Oncology Institute (ION), the most common being breast, prostate, stomach, cervix, lung and skin.

The Panamanian airline said Wednesday that it encourages its 9,000 employees to perform tests for early detection of cancer, such as breast ultrasound and rectal examination combined with the specific prostate antigen test that is performed in blood.

Copa Airlines and Copa Airlines Colombia, subsidiaries of Copa Holdings, currently offer services to more than 80 destinations in 33 countries of the American continent and the Caribbean, and have one of the most modern fleets in the industry and a punctuality close to 90%.

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