Fri. Apr 10th, 2020

Coordination of companies to manufacture sanitary material

Hundreds of Spanish companies have been offered in recent days to manufacture sanitary material against the coronavirus in the face of the shortage of masks, individual protective equipment or respirators and the difficulties of buying them abroad. But all these initiatives must be coordinated and, above all, have the corresponding sanitary approval so that they do not remain an anecdote and have a real impact on hospital care and prevention against the virus, they recalled yesterday from the Ministry of Industry and Commerce.


To the legal insecurity is added the coercion that supposes the offer of a future contract

Minister Reyes Maroto met on Monday night with representatives of the textile employers, the pharmaceutical, automotive, aerospace and trade unions to share the work that each sector has done so far individually and agree some guidelines in the “reorientation” of the Spanish industry to the manufacture of sanitary material.

Administrative supervision

The Ministry of Industry will give instructions so that the products are homologated

“We have to develop national production to supply ourselves and have a reserve of these materials,” Maroto said yesterday in a public appearance. And he stressed that the prototypes that are being created have to be validated before by the Public Health Agency. Not everything goes. The companies that have offered to transform their activity to make these materials will therefore have to wait for Industry and Health to inform them of production requirements. Maroto explained that some manufacturing lines are already more advanced, and highlighted the coordination with two companies of breathing equipment –Hersell and Temel– to increase their production. Renault Y Seat They also work in the manufacture of respirators, still in the prototype phase. The Valencian Association of Automotive Industries (AVIA) has also offered its facilities and production lines to manufacture respirators and sanitary material with which to deal with the coronavirus, waiting for Industry or Health to send them the plans with which to work .

In Catalonia, UPC textile researchers are advising the Departament de Salut to find a quick way to manufacture reusable sanitary masks. The professor at the Superior School of Industrial, Aerospace and Audiovisual Engineering of Terrassa (Eseiaat), Mónica Ardanuy, explained that the masks must comply with the health regulations FFP1, FFP2 or FFP3 and, in the event that the appropriate tissues are found, “the Validation time with the degree of requirement set before the virus spread would be weeks or even months ”. Industry published last week in the BOE a relaxation of the regulations to make masks exceptionally, which could facilitate their production, according to the UPC.

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