August 5, 2021

Coordinadora Bomberos denounces lack of organization in the operation of Mallorca

Coordinadora Bomberos denounces lack of organization in the operation of Mallorca

The lack of coordination left 30 troops "waiting to leave" the fire station during the floods that occurred last Tuesday in Mallorca, "without activating the operation and obviating their professionalism."

Miguel Uclés, spokesman of the Unitary Coordinator of Professional Firefighters of Spain, has denounced it today, who has denounced that "many comrades wanted to act from the first moment", but due to lack of coordination "their services were not used, which could have worked immediately".

Uclés has appeared today before the press after meeting with Unidos Podemos, which has registered in the Congress of Deputies a bill to regularize the work of these professionals and prevent the privatization of the service.

For Ana Marcello, deputy of Unidos Podemos, coordination is "the greatest need that the sector has", since there are more than 130 different systems and more than 150 different parks, "without their functions and protocols of action are coordinated"

This "opens the door to privatization and the precariousness of the sector," deputy said, who has ensured that with this law "we want to guarantee a public service with dignified working conditions and with the guarantee of safety of those who stake their lives on US".

Miguel Uclés explained that "it is very sad and frustrating" not to be able to act from the first moment in a catastrophe such as the one in Mallorca, where "the operation was not activated until three hours later and where the streets were cleaned by the professionals. there were still missing people. "

"We want to give a service of excellence to society and we can not allow the professionals who are trained are not coordinated immediately," he insisted.

He has defended the initiative of Unidos Podemos, which will allow "in a natural way" to generate a general direction within Civil Protection that homogenizes and coordinates the actions of firefighters and "from minute one" the protocol is launched.

The deputy of United Podemos has stressed that "we conclude a campaign on how should be the design of Civil Protection in our country, which yesterday won the support of the Senate in relation to the basic law of Forest Agents and continues with the law of the Statute of the Forest Fireman ".


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