Convicted the former president of Valencia Soler for the attempted kidnapping of Soriano - La Provincia

The Valencia Court has condemned the former president of the Valencia Soccer Club, John Baptist Soler, two years in jail for the kidnap attempt of the club's former president, Vicente Soriano. The ruling of the Hearing imposes imprisonment sentences on all those involved in the case.

The background to the conflict between the two former club presidents was the debt that Juan Soler claimed from Soriano, recognized in court. According to two judgments of the Supreme Court, Soriano and Inversiones Dalport had to pay him 39 million euros for breach of the contract for the sale of shares. Previously, the high court had also condemned Soriano and the company to pay 20 million to Soler for non-payment of the first of the four promissory notes for the sale of club shares.


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