Convicted of sending a python and two lizards in a container and a box

Convicted of sending a python and two lizards in a container and a box

A Santander Court has sentenced him to pay a fine of 1.440 euros to a man who sent by courier, in a tuper and in a shoe box a ball python snake y of lizards without food, drink or ventilation, which they later died.

In a sentence that is now final, the head of Criminal Court number 2 considers the accused the author of a crime against flora and faunaand in addition to imposing a fine, disqualified for three years to hunt, fish and develop a profession that involves animal ownership.

According to the proven facts that have been expressly recognized by its author, in November 2021 he sent a ball python by courier inside a Tupperware and in a shoe box, protected species which is included in the CITES convention. The same package contained another shoe box with two lizards inside.

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It was in the Vitoria Airport where, when the package was passed through the scanner, its contents were known. Once opened, the animals were taken to an animal rescue center.

Explain the sentence that one of the lizards died a few days later from anorexiawhile the python did it six months later due to a respiratory infection derived from the ventral injuries he suffered during transport in the small package.